develloping of official blender builds


at first this post is not ment as offensive.

form my point of view as a non coder but the person who use it i get the impression that on the dev site many interesting tools and features are develloped but for some reason never put into official builds. or they get changed and cut down in functionality lik ethe surface shaders from cessen.

it looks to me that the community is split up between coders and users.
i iknow users who dont code just should be happy to use it but also coders should be happy users use it.

so what i mean is that i am a bit unhappy with the way blender devellops.
i ask my self why so many good things get develloped and never get put into the offical release so we can use it.

i talked to many users who are envolved in the compile section so not real coders and they see the situtation the same way.

i have no idea about the process behind how features are getting in selected and develloped.

I just hope that some of the genious and cool guys here speding their time on working out solutions might consider putting a bit more into filling blenders tool set with tools we might love but theyx dont think.

just a thought


What part of Cessen’s shading code is not in the official builds?
AFAIK, the only part missing is the texture output to the non-standard parameters of the shader blocks.

Can you give some examples for features that are never put in the official builds? For many of them, there are probably some very legitimate reasons that you just don’t know about.


Huh, Ce… shader stuff… ¿ ¿ ¿ I recall the cell shader from tuhopuu was a better edge render than Tons take on it.

I have a question… What is Blender? Is it still and animation program? Or is it a render modeling program now¿ It seems that the animation features has subsided. It may just be a season. Don’t know.

But you know how I feel. Blender is something… It is great to be free. But it seems that a lack of a paid coder base to take care of the feature requests seems to have users felling let out, while coders jump around and build their own thing. And that is truth that they can do whatever they want and there is no stopping them at all. But a few coders is badly needed with no0 freedom:D but to just code for money paid from grants or whatever Ton can muster.

I don’t remember any enhancement to the toon edge code in tuhopuu. If you mean Cessen’s toon shading code, then whatever range error than occured at first in the port are LONG fixed.

I have a question… What is Blender? Is it still and animation program? Or is it a render modeling program now¿ It seems that the animation features has subsided. It may just be a season. Don’t know.

Oh, we might as well remove the RVK sliders, Armature speed enhancements, auto weight groups, bone hiding, x-ray bone and all the general features that could be used when animating then.


Come on guys, you can’t win. Think of how slow other programs get developed with teams of paid programmers and testers. Maybe 1 update a year and not that many changes. Be thankful.

all of those are old :stuck_out_tongue: I am talking about since 6 months ago.

Most features have just been render and mesh edit currently.

Theeth, do you know if there is to be any integration of the Tuhopuu particle deflection system into any of the official releases?

This system seems to have endless possiblities for applications within Blender.


6 months ago?

Seeing as the next release is very near, probably not. Some of the problems will have to be solved beofre moving it to BF, the least of which is the UI changes for the new particles effectors (deflectors, gravity, …).


Thanks mate.

I thought everything you mentioned about the new anim tools, have been added within the last 6 months.


cekuhnen :

Hi mate :slight_smile:

I suppose there may well be a split between coders and users, but I would say its probably more like a case of what the users want and what the coders know wont upset blenders running, I would rather wait and have a programe that works, than have loads of features that don’t, since I started using blender, from about version 1.2 I think it has become a really fantastic tool.

I think deadlines for an opensource program are a bit of a killer, paid programmers sounds like the begining of the commercial road, how about instead a competition for the programmers, the best and most used (voted for?) new feature gets the programmer a bonus of some sort.

I for one am very happy with the way Blender is developing, it has become a very powerfull bit of kit, and I am happy to give the coders my confidence and thanks in thier abilities to make informed choices as to what gets added to blender, the one thing I would hate to hear about is new tryers of blender saying, its a crap bit of software that has a lot of features but to many errors in it. :frowning:

Must stop for coffee know, hope what I said didn’t seem to harsh cekuhnen, its not meant to be mate :slight_smile: happy Blending


this topics comes up every now and then, but my viewpoint changes a bit everytime.

at the moment, I think we have enough means for users and coders to communicate about features. The problem is however, that the coders ARE users, who like to implement features that they themself find usefull.

anyway, I don’t think a lot of modelling features have been added lately?..



you point is in no way driving me mad.

as i said i dont want to offend but i just get the impression that there are from time time tools that work but dont get into it. i might even be wrong on my own.

i know that here unpaid work is going on, so i dont complain at all. i am not saing their work is bad or simillar.

on the other side blender has many tools but somehow no real depth in them sometimes, like the toon tool. for todays needs the toon tool could be a bit more flexible. so i just hope that blender will not only get stable but also realy good advanced!


I’m still trying to think of tools that worked well but were abandoned. I can’t think of any.

Also, a LOT more work goes into producing an official release than you might realize. There is a lot of testing that has to go on. In fact, the unofficial release thing that happens right now IS a lot of that testing. Anyone is free to go over to the Testing Builds forum on .org, grab the latest build and play with it.

Personally, I think that there is a great deal of communication/cross-polenation between coders, compilers and users. In fact, I’d be surprised if there were another community where the overlap is so large.


ot i just get lost in it. mybe just my impression. maybe my fault.

as i said i was not offending!


No one’s fault, man. It’s just your opinion. I don’t think anyone here is offended.

Actually, I’ve always been impressed by how often and how quickly new features do get into the official releases. From what I’ve seen there really havn’t been all that many fully developed features that have been left out compaired to those that have made it in.

i am kinda mixed

loop cut thing was for me one of the best next to the new ao setup.

other things like more setting for surface shader seettings were quit handy for me but were cut away. (cessens ton)

in the last particular thing i am kinda scared Blender could go toward are apps like photoshop elements. providing all you need to do a job but more specific options are missing to do custom work .

its not that i hate this forum or the scene. other wise i would not be here and put so much work in blender by articles/ shows etc…


Well, It will probably always be the case that there will be more features
in development than can be included in the official release, And not all the changes will please all users ofcourse, but the good thing is we can still have access to all available features as long as all versions are freely available. I think most of us here keep at least a few versions around for that reason.

in this coontext i whish i could understand programming more so i could do it on my own :wink:

what about armatures man… They are cool, but ikes they need that certain EXTRA kick to make them something. Like the auto IK feature has been sitting in tuhopuu2 for a year and still no addition to BF.

Blah… It is just a lack of coders as I can see. Alot of coders just simply refuse to add to it, so they go and make there own thing, and sometimes it becomes better, and sometimes it becomes junk,