Developer Meeting Notes

No. I’m saying it’s good that Brecht’s plans for the week are to get on with something I’ve been looking forward to actually getting official support for decades. :wink:

Brecht is a paid developer. His week’s plan is to deal with the left-click select keymap and making it work with the tool system in time for the beta. This is a GOOD thing.

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Ok great. But this compatibility with the tools system means PROPER compatibility? Like, be able to use all the tools with just the LMB like in a sane 3D app?
For me that’s one of the most annoying things about the tools system (besides the bugs), it’s pretty unnecessary to use both mouse buttons to use the tools.

Honestly, dunno, need to talk to @brecht about this. I assume it’s meant to allow such, but it does depend on what Brecht thinks/feels about the matter.

FWIW, I agree with you, tools need to be usable if at all possible with just the left click. Wacom tablets (& their clones) are not a niche tool amongst artists anymore (& haven’t been for a while).

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WOOHOO!!! (Just saying!)

Tonights build fixed the nested/deeper node group issue. Now I can finally start playing with 2.80 for realz :smiley:



Are there plans for Eevee to deliver UV pass?

Something happened:


Woot! Oh yeah! :laughing:

I wanna see it in action…
Does that means the “Industry Standard Keymap” can finally be a reality?

Don’t hold your breath. :v:

i think it will be called “compatible keymap” but like you said we have to see it in action, personally i modified the right click one to work with left click, box select…etc but would love to see how they did it becaue it seems they mapped 3d cursor to shift+RMB and move “W” to RMB but maybe more modification will come later like making the W menu with components selection like other DCC.

The left click interaction with the tool system is what I’m more interested in… All operations must to be done with LMB only…


i am with you on that.

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So we are almost there for the beta release !!

Well, it looks like it is not for this week.

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Yeah not this week but maybe next week

I hope they onboard Blender XR

Does it really matter? Is alpha different from pre alpha builds? It is just naming. :slight_smile: