Developer Meeting Notes

If it’s in fact in the middle of a well-lit area it sounds more likely to be a problem with normals, did you check that face wasn’t flipped ? Can you share the file ?

@Ace_Dragon many bugs can be fixed locally without great changes to the code, sometimes it’s something really simple that’s been overlooked. This sounds a bit arbitrary and uninformed tbh ? unless I’m the one uninformed

You described the case of a simple bug while Ace_Dragon explained how more complicated issues tend to or should be resolved.

Indeed looks like normals mess. Sometimes I encountered issue like that and flipping face normals didn’t work. Usually deleting the face recreating it solves the issue (and opens a new one if you have to uvmap again)


I don’t know what that is but it isn’t a terminator artifact.

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My two cents: it’s one (or more) vertex normals taking a fun direction. 99,9% of the time it happen when I use dyntopo (and some smoothing on them will fix their direction)

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Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 15 September 2020.
Present: Sergey Sharybin (all)

General Topics

11h00 - Render & Cycles

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel.

  • Status
    • 96 bugs, 1 high priority, 18 unclassified
    • > 50 patches
  • Last week review
    • Brecht started looking into AMD bugs
  • Started review:
    • Cycles API patches
    • Attributes rendering
    • Principled emission strength
  • Plan:
    • Keep revieweing patches, get them for 2.91
    • Next week properly tag Cycles patches

11h30 - Modeling

Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 77 bugs, 0 high priority, 11 unclassified
    • 24 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: High priority bug assigned to Campbell has been fixed!
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Meeting about snap future
      • There are features Germano plans to work on. The task is coming
  • Follow-ups

12h00 - Python & Add-ons

Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 29 bugs, 0 high priority, 2 unclassified
    • 5 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: “Close” 10 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it)
      • Took more time than expected (fixed 11, closed 2).
      • Some of them were regressions since 2.83, candidate for corrective 2.90 if any
  • Follo-ups
    • [ ] Remove Addons Community from Python module queries (still some work needed)
    • Mainly done for a while

14h00 - User Interface

Participants: Julian Eisel, Hans Goudey

  • Status
    • 119 bugs, 1 high priority (fix accepted, pending commit), 26 unclassified
    • 181 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Classify 20 issues this week.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update roadmap image.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Patch review discussion for other week.
  • Asset Browser
  • Properties Search
    • Almost there, some minor things to finish
  • Outliner GSoC
    • 2 of 10 patches are in, 5-6 are ready to go
  • Missing Icons
    • Agreement is to not expose tools without icons
    • Need an icon designer? Hans is coordinating contributions.
  • Bcon2 changes (FModifier layout, Graph Editor active keyframe, data-block selector)
    • Need to confirm all of them are fine
  • Plan of attack for reverting (or not) some of the rushed changes from recent releases.
    • Need Dalai’s input on this.
    • Neither Julian nor Hans can think of topics to be discussed here.
      • Notifications, maybe (moved from center to side)?
  • Followups:
    • [ ] Get approval for the search property.
    • [ ] Julian wants to finish some tasks, get back to assets
    • [ ] Hans needs review of his patches on both user and code level

14h30 - Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participants: Pablo Dobarro.

  • Status
    • 42 bugs, 3 high priority, 23 unclassified
  • Last week review
    • [ ] New task with profiling findings and reproduceable files and get Sergey to help pinpoint the potential issues.
      • Performance task T80608, still need to be done
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update on the pending performance tasks with the current state.
    • ☐ Mockups for the brush management.
      • Pablo is still working
      • Hopefully SVG toolkit with full mocup
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Advance data layer discussions.
      • T80609
  • Workflow with multiple objects
    • Planned for Bcon2
    • Viewpoer patches (related to overlay) need attention from viewport team
  • Sculpting Using EEVEE
    • Need to go through patches, give final quick go-nogo call
  • Stroke Performance
    • Sergey and Brecht will go deep investigation and discussion on Wednesday, with outcome being the plan of attack.
  • Mesh/Grids datalayer management
    • Needs review
  • Tilt Support
    • Works for Pablo’s Wacom tablet. But not sure it is battle-ready yet
    • Keep it experimental, see if it works for many people
  • Fast navigate
    • For now it should be fine
    • In the future it might be that stroke is faster than full redraw (partial updates i.e.)
    • Need review
  • Followups:

15h00 - Animation & Rigging

Participants: @sybren

  • Status
    • 17 bugs, 0 high priority, 8 unclassified
    • 27 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Be upfront about the module state (maintaince) in the module page 7.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Look at the facemap roadmap/future. Face Maps needs a developer to move it forward and actually make a proper overall design for it. Should be moved to an experimental feature.
  • Patches Sybren would like in Blender 2.91:
    • D8752 : Graph Editor : Fix for f-curves limitation (already landed)
    • D7437: Add Custom Space to Constraints (still lacks simple example, and UI could use polishing/clarification)
    • D8287: Bugfix: NLA: Transition to Meta Strip Incorrect Evaluation (already landed)
    • D8022: Action Constraint: Add manual time factor input control (will simplyify rigs, needs some discussion)
  • Followups
    • [X] Add Julian as reviewer to D7437.
    • Hide Face Map UI (mesh properties panel) as an experimental feature.
    • Longer term: have clear design of the face map feature written down.

15h30 - Nodes & Physics

Participants: Sebastián Barschkis

  • Status
    • 89 bugs, 0 high priority, 11 unclassified
    • N/A patches
  • Last week review
    • ☐ “Close” 30 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it) (10 for Sebastián, 10 for Jacques, 10 for Sebastian, did not happen).
    • ☐ Hair plan of attack pre-presented (Dalai + Sebbas, got postponed).
    • ☐ Softbody GSoC meeting with Brecht and Parborg (did not happen).
    • ☐ Scout artist stakeholders (Sebbas. did not happen)
  • Followups
    • Liquid GSoC will be merged soon

16h00 - VFX & Video

*Participants: Sergey Sharybin, Richard Antalík

  • Status
    • 43 bugs, 1 high priority, 4 unclassified
    • 10 patches
  • Last week review
    • ☐ Filmic plan of attack: New documentation or stick to bottleneck approach (Dalai and Sergey, did not happen :()
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Revew code refactor T77580
  • Initial pass of the refactor review. Simpler approach will be suggested at the meeting. Will be written in the code review (D8492).
  • The cache plan of attack was reviewed by Segrey, seems fine.
  • Follow-up
    • Revierw media trabsform (Sergey and Francesco)
    • Sergey will help with past scale-down algorithm than IMB_scalefastImBuf

16h30 - EEVEE & Viewport

*Participants: Clément Foucault, Jeroen Bakker

  • Status
    • 45 bugs, 1 high priority, 27 unclassified
    • 10 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Still classify 20 issues. (Clément)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Still check with Andy Goralczyk the feature film requirements topics. (Clément)
      • Cryptomatte is what is needed. Need someone to tackle it.
    • ☐ Documentation for color management for the background images in the viewport (Jeroen, slowly happening!).
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update the module roadmap (Clément).
  • Bug Fixing, Stabilizing
  • Documentation
  • Need decision on whether D2057 goes to 2.91
  • bgl needs to be replaced with pygpu (which needs update)
    • Germano was working on it (D8826)
  • Next weeks is bugfixing and documenting
  • All features planned for 2.91 is already in master

17h00 - Data, Assets & I/O

Participants: Sybren Stuvel.

  • Status
    • 5 bugs, 0 high priority, 5 unclassified
    • 13 patches
  • Last week review
    • Review GSoC fast I/O project see if it should make into 2.91 (Sybren; review started but too many comments to merge now)
    • Find good demo files to promote the “finished” Alembic exporter (Sybren; asked interested parties in for examples, but no files so far)
    • Find how (and whether) to promote the Alembic exporter (Dalai)

17h30 - Grease Pencil

Participants: ?.

  • Status
    • 8 bugs, 0 high priority, 3 unclassified
    • 5 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Create a new task for the BLI_polyfill_calc. (Antonio)
    • ☐ Still update roadmap image to include bezier, and render pass (2.93). (Matias)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Next week: design discussion with Brecht about line art and compositing lead to
  • Still waiting for the libraries (potrace and the other, Ray will commit needed changes to master, platform maintainers will pick it up afterwards
  • For 2.91:
    • Import SVG add-on (on review)
    • Trace images (pending potrace)
    • Holdout material (pending-related to trace)
  • For 2.92:
    • Prepare patch for SVG export/Bezier Curves
    • and Talk about new render passes
  • Line Art is 2.92/2.93
    • Needs to be reviewed
  • Bezier is GSoC code: Matias and Daniel are testing, Falk is working on fixes

How would I contact this Hans person? I have some experience with vector art and I’m familiar with designing icons.

Also, how do I get direct access to high res versions of the Blender tool icons? Using references that aren’t the size of my finger tip would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Participating in thread on devtalk: or writing to @HooglyBoogly

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Hi. The toolbar icons are actually designed right in Blender, with geometry and vertex colors. You can read more about how to get a copy of them here:

So far a few community members have been designing icons. There’s a patch for face set icons here:
More voices is (almost) always helpful though!


bests time ever for this. :wink:


otes for meeting of Monday, 21 September 2020. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #blender-coders on


New Features and Changes

Blender 2.91

User Interface

  • Properties Editor (notes ) (video :cinema: ) ( Hans Goudey )
    • Search through properties in the properties editor, automatically expanding and collapsing panels. Ctrl-F starts a search, and alt-F clears the search field.
  • Outliner (notes ) (video :cinema: ) ( Nathan Craddock )
    • Object collections now have a color tag, set from the right-click menu.
    • Drag & drop for modifiers, constraints and grease pencil effects.
  • NLA Editor ( Wayde Moss )
    • Always show all strips, also in tweak mode. (commit )


  • Sculpt ( Pablo Dobarro )
    • Render Mask and Face Sets with modifiers active (commit )
    • Scale Cloth filter (commit )
  • Curves ( Hans Goudey )
  • Meshes:
    • Unify all XYZ symmetry options across modes. (commit ) ( Pablo Dobarro )
  • UVs:
    • Select face loops when in face-select mode (commit ) ( Campbell Barton )


  • 3D Viewport ( Pablo Dobarro )
    • Fade inactive geometry overlay (commit )
    • Operator to switch to different objects in edit, sculpt and paint modes. D key (commit) ( Pablo Dobarro )
    • Option to lock HDRI rotation to view (commit ) ( Pablo Dobarro )
  • Fluid simulation ( Sriharsha Kotcharlakot )
    • Add various visualization options. (commit )


  • Eevee ( Clément Foucault )
    • GGX multi-scatter distribution for glossy reflections, improving energy conservation.(commit )
  • Grease Pencil ( Antonio Vazquez )
  • Shaders ( Alex Strand )
    • Add emission strength input to Principled BSDF node (commit )


  • Constraints ( Chris Clyne )
    • Action Constraint: Add manual time factor input control (commit )
  • Overrides ( Bastien Montagne )
    • Support inserting items in collections created by Python add-ons. (commit )

Weekly Reports

Present: Dave Johnson, Dirk Van Gelder, Michael Mowalski, Patrick Mours (NVIDIA), and Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Francesco Siddi, and Sybren Stüvel (Blender).

The goal of this meeting was to discuss Blender-USD integration development by NVIDIA, lead by Blender Foundation.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Availabilities

On NVIDIA’s side the roles are:

  • Michael Kowalski: lead developer, working full-time on this project, can collaborate with more developers internally when needed
  • Dirk Van Gelder: oversees the Hydra project. With his team he is available for advice and support in that area

The roles from the Blender team are:

  • Sybren Stüvel: project coordinator
  • Brecht van Lommel: lead engineer (technical design)
  • Francesco Siddi: lead product (functional specs & requirements)

Development Approach

  • Globally the goal will first be to implement a simple USD importer that is on par with Blender’s current USD exporter. This will likely be based on Blender’s current Alembic importer.
  • Later iterations will move towards a collection-based implementation .
  • Features will be gradually added to both exporter and importer. Later workflows involving other applications will be used to drive development.

Collaboration Infrastructure

Development and communication will primarily happen on the Blender infrastructure:

Action Points

  • Michael Kowalski will create Blender ID and accounts.
  • Sybren Stüvel will ensure he has the necessary access to work on the project.
  • Francesco Siddi will, in collaboration with Sybren and Brecht, provide an initial functional design.

Bit by bit, Blender’s modifier stack is gaining performance. Any stack containing the weld modifier is going to be a lot faster starting with tonight’s builds.


Definitely enjoying the current Blender but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with how little love Animation and Eevee seems to be getting.

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The reason why Eevee isn’t seeing a lot of new stuff is because Clement (its developer) has been busy with the groundwork needed to port Blender’s drawing code to Vulkan. Once Vulkan is in place, it will allow Eevee to receive new features, enhancements, and optimizations that could not easily be done in OpenGL.


EEVEE was one of the main concern of 2.8 project launch.
This render engine is supposed to be entangled with Viewport in a way that facilitates a WYSIWYG workflow.
A big part of this workflow will be the Viewport Compositor.
According to roadmap, 2.9 series should end-up with such Viewport Compositor.

A ton of compositing stuff should become visible while playing animation in Camera View.
You should obtain a direct feedback on how modifying animation will impact final rendering or on how compositing will impact animation.

When that basis will be in place, we will be under better conditions to appreciate animation and rendering improvements.


Well said.

@Kelthor you can follow Clement here and see how much work he’s putting in on the ground work for Vulkan. He’s literally working all hours of the day and night seven days a week.


Well that’s definitely encouraging! Thanks for sharing the info about Eevee; it’s so close to being perfect but when moving the camera through a scene you get all sorts of little issues, so I’m glad to hear this will hopefully be improved on after Vulkan support is in.

Once Clement has moved all the old OpenGL code to Vulkan then I’m sure we’ll see more features come to Eevee like the big ticket items of real time ray tracing and GI. A really bright future for Eevee is ahead but only after the Vulkan foundations have be laid.

From what I understand the move to Vulkan is a big job as many of the drawing routines that OpenGL does for free have to be created from scratch in Vulkan. It’s months of back breaking work but the rewards will be potentially transformative for the end user with lots of nice new toys.


Then there is all the work Clement is doing on the AOV system for Eevee.;5c0981b5999f721c07780386ecff4eeed9fd7674

This guy is not sleeping, I hope the BF is ready to increase his salary if not only to ensure they will keep him.

The Godot 4 daily builds can already give you a preview of the kind of features you can expect from Vulkan (powerful stuff, and it is not even tuned for realism over realtime like we see with Eevee).


wasn’t his nickname HyperInsomniac? Or something similar?