Developer Meeting Notes


(Thornydre) #184

If you choose to put it under Spacebar, it will be Spacebar, otherwise it will still be F3 :slight_smile:


Tool System: add node links cut tool
Defaults: left click select is now the default.

A few reasons motivating this change:

  • It works well for all devices: mouse, trackpad, and tablet pens.
  • For beginners or users coming from other software, it’s easier to get
    started and avoids an initial stumbling block.
  • Many users in 2.7 (about half?) were already using left click select, so
    combined with the above advantages it makes for a practical default.

Note that we continue to support right click select, as many experienced
Blender users (and developers) see efficiency advantages in this approach.

The option to switch is in the first time setup splash screen, and in the
user preferences.
UI: rename settings back to preferences.
This distinguishes it better for the many other types of settings.
Tweaks for threading schedule for Threadripper2 and EPYC

The idea is to make main thread and job threads to be scheduled
on CPU dies which has direct access to memory (those are NUMA
nodes 0 and 2).

We also do this for new EPYC CPUs since their NUMA nodes 1 and 3
do have access but only to a higher range DDR slots. By preferring
nodes 0 and 2 on EPYC we make it so users with partially filled
DDR slots has fast memory access.

One thing which is not really solved yet is localization of
memory allocation: we do not guarantee that memory is allocated
on the closest to the NUMA node DDR slot and hope that memory
manager of OS is acting in favor of us.
GPU: Add AMD Radeon RX series to macos blitting workaround list
Workbench: Change Studio lighting

This is in order to have more flexible ligthing presets in the future.
The diffuse lighting from hdris was nice but lacked the corresponding
specular information. This is an attempt to make it possible to customize
the lighting and have a cheap/easy/nice-looking pseudo-PBR workflow.

  • Add cheap PBR to Workbench with fresnel and better roughness support.
    This improves the look of the metallic surfaces and is easier to control.
  • Add ambient light to studio lights settings: just a constant color added
    to the shading.
  • Add Smooth option to studio lights settings: This option fakes the
    effect of making the light bigger making the lighting smoother for this
    light. Smoother lights gets reflected like a background hdri.
  • Change default light settings to include the smooth params.
  • Remove specular highlights from flat shading. (could be added back but
    how do we make it good looking?)
  • If specular lighting is disabled, use base color without using metallic.
  • Include a lot of code simplification/cleanup/confusion fix.

UI: Layout tweaks to Studio Lights panel in Preferences.
Move Studio Lights panel first, and use single-column layout.

Enable Onion Skin for Annotations
Back port and adapt to 2.8 the onion skin for annotations in View 3D and Sequencer.
Added only basic features. For onion skin advanced features use grease pencil object.

GP: Deselect points if click outside selection area
To make consistent with Left click select, now if click outside any point, all points are deselected
Reduced the circle of selection to get more precission. The radius used before was too wide.
Note: There is a minimum distance to consider outside selection area.

Startup.blend: rename Lamp to Light.

(DarkNavi.exe) #186

@Ace_Dragon: I know this is absurd, even being days late, I was doing other things so I was just reading. I noticed some of the links you pasted did not completely work, they just led to the folders. Do I attempt to fix this by pasting the weekly reports here, even meaningless as this sounds, or do I just leave it be?

(xrg) #187

If he wants to fix them he can delete the links without the <> wrapped around it. The <> tags make it parse the entire thing as one link. Otherwise the underlines and things confuse the parser.

* Bastien:
* Campbell:
* Clément:
* Dalai:
* Jacques:
* Philipp:
* Sergey:


(DarkNavi.exe) #188

Alright, thanks for letting me know. I will hold off from here.


Workbench: Add button to go out of studiolight edit mode
Workbench: Add Shadow Focus and change Shadow Orientation
StudioLight: Add a 4th light to adjust lighting
StudioLight Editor: Add copy settings and overwrite prompt
Annotation: Replace ALT key to CTRL for Eraser

(kreed) #190

Does NUMA need to be enabled in Ryzen Master to get this benefit, or can we leave it on UMA? does Threadripper 19XX get any benefit from this or just TR2/EPYC

(cekuhnen) #191

so true !!!

(razin) #192

does someone have the link for the meeting note of today ?

(Zinogg) #193

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today’s developer meeting. Next meeting is Monday,
10 December 18:00 CET (17:00 UTC).

  1. Blender 2.8 Beta

Finally released! For info see here:

The bug tracker is open again for general reports and is being flooded.
Developers focus on triaging and fixing. Some interesting tracker stats are

  1. New Features and Changes
  1. Other Projects
  1. Weekly Reports

(brecht) #194

For nicer formatting, you can copy from the devtalk topic.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #195

Left click cut nodes on (node wrangler) shaders is not working.
You need to press control and left click and drag from the node to the outside grid to get the tool working.
Right now if you directly cut from the grid space, it will only turn into a selection box. Even with CTRL pressed.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #196

Use the select tool, not box.


(Lsscpp) #197

Oh, that’s good to know (i flagged it as a paper cut).
Ctrl+Rightclick to cut links is good enough to work in every selection mode though

(zeauro) #198

Problem is that box use Ctrl left to deselect.

If box select is default, we have to change Cut links shortcut to something like Ctrl Right mouse.
There is no left mouse +modifier shortcut available.
Or it means renouncing to a select shortcut.

(Thinking Polygons) #199

10 December 2018

(From Devtalk)

New Features and Changes

This week was mostly about bug triaging and fixing. By my estimate about 120 bugs were fixed this week.

  • Cycles GPU rendering now has support for NVIDIA Turing cards (RTX 20xx and similar). Note this is using CUDA still, not the raytracing hardware units at this point.
  • Cycles OpenCL rendering on macOS is no longer supported (mail ).
  • Animated values that have been modified but not keyframed now get an orange button color.
  • Render metadata now has an option to include the hostname, useful for render farms.
  • Shader node editor now includes materials settings panels, so all material work can be done in one editor.
  • Wireframe drawing got many optimizations, both for faster drawing of heavy scenes and when using low end hardware.
  • Grease Pencil has a new arc primitive tool.


Merging Branches

The proposal is to do the following:

  • Rename master to blender2.7 branch, blender2.8 to master .
  • All git history is kept, since it is valuable even if it makes bisect harder.
  • “BF Blender 2.8” bugs will be moved to “BF Blender”, to have a single tracker. These are already quite mixed up anyway.
  • We keep supporting blender2.7 to more or less the same (minimum) level as we do master now, to ensure there is a production-ready Blender version being maintained.
  • The blender2.8 branch could be deleted and blocked from being recreated on the git server? To avoid users and developers using the wrong branch by accident.

If any developers disagree with this, let’s discuss it. Otherwise, we’ll do the merge in the coming week or two.

Other Projects

The developer wiki has a new theme.


Sebastian Parborg started this week, helping with bug triaging and fixing. Welcome!

Weekly Reports

(Jason van Gumster) split this topic #200

26 posts were split to a new topic: Cycles OpenCL rendering on macOS is no longer supported

(drgci) #203

120 bug fixes are huge in one week only,
Blender 2.8 has become quite stable

(Jason van Gumster) split this topic #212

A post was split to a new topic: Drag and Drop in the Outliner

(drgci) #214

New Features and Changes

This week was mostly about bug triaging and fixing. About 80 bugs were fixed this week.

  • NLA: insert keyframes now works correct for blending modes other than replace. This fixes an old problem, making the NLA much more practical as a tool for animation layering.
  • Preferences: new option for header position at top/bottom.
  • Grease pencil: new curve primitive tool (video ).
  • Optimizations for production .blend file loading, together around 10-25% faster on Spring files.
  • FFmpeg: enable multi-threaded encoding of multiple frames, for a ~20% speedup.
  • EEVEE: improve bent normal calculation for more accurate indirect lighting.

Other Projects

  • Richard Antalík is the new maintainer of the video sequencer. He has done work towards real-time playback, with a cache and proxy management rework in progress already. Welcome! (mail )
  • Bastien will do the first code review of mantaflow.