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Maybe if there is no modifier it could rename all objects automatically to “newName.001, newName.002, newName.003 …”.
If you use alt or some other modifier you could enter a name for each object like this:

  • select seveal objects
  • hit alt F2
  • user enters name, presses enter and first object is renamed
  • user can now enter name for second object and press enter
  • user can now enter third name and so on

For that you´d probably want to implement some escape function in case you accidentially selected 10 million objects.

What about something like this?


Hm, yes. So renaming everything that’s selected (with incremental suffix ) would be the standard.
For the case of different names for the objects I’d find it more logical to first press f2 name the first. And then either press enter to name all or press shift enter to be able to name the next one and so on. This way you may also copy the last rename as suggestion into the next object. You may increment further while keep pressing shift enter or enter a new name. This would also allow for escaping out of big selections by just pressing enter instead of shift enter. Remaining objects will be incrementally named after the last entered name.

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I was agreeing with you, answering your question (“Do we even need a modifier when multiple objects are selected anyway?”) with a ‘no’ :smiley:

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Aaaaah, makes sense :slight_smile:

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And after all that is implemented modifying existing names would be interesting.

  • For example keep current name but add a suffix and/or a prefix.
  • Remove x number of characters from the start or end of the existing name
  • look for specific string in name and if present replace with something else

But perhaps this is better done with a Python Addon.

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I think there’s an addon for that. Well, there used to be at least. Don’t know if it works with 2.8. It’s called something like, Rename Panel or something. It basically gives you a set of rules for the selection. You can add a prefix, suffix, chop off the fist or last N letters, etc.





Yep, that looks like the one!

Just to be clear, I’m not opposed to anything anyone is suggesting. However, I prefer to use this kind of tool. Way more control.

Or simple renaming panel :slight_smile:

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Hi :smiley:,
I am the creator of the simple renaming panel addon. It works for blender 2.80! Expect some updates that will be released in the near future. Your opinions really interest me. How, when and why do you want to rename multiple objects? Your feedback will improve the tool :slight_smile:


I think a scene wide rename based on collections could be helpful, or vice versa.

Oh wow, did not know about this, just downloaded this, definitely going to try this out later.
Thank you for this addon.


  • Next week developers gather in Amsterdam for the Homestretch Workshop. There will be no IRC meeting then, but many face-to-face meetings.
  • The Spring open movie will be released on April 4. This project has been very important in testing 2.80 in production, and will come with tutorials on how 2.80 was used on .

New Features and Changes

About 90 bugs were fixed last week.

  • Eevee: added support for undeformed texture coordinates, and coordinates from another object. ( Clément Foucault )
  • Grease pencil: much improved soft eraser tool. ( Antonio Vazquez )
  • UI: better display of report messages in the status bar. ( Nathan Craddock )
  • UI: better muted node visualization, greying out the entire node. ( Robert Guetzkow )
  • UI: support for default active button in popups and file browser, to quickly confirm operations. ( Campbell Barton )
  • The view3d.select_or_deselect_all operator has been removed, replaced by a deselect property on . Keymaps will need to be updated to account for this.


  • Additional bugs in the tracker have been marked as high priority to indicate issues that we must fix before the 2.80 release. To developers: if you’re aware of more such bugs, please mark them as high priority. ( Brecht Van Lommel )
  • Low level details on the new function nodes system are now in the wiki. ( Jacques Lucke )

Weekly Reports


Homestretch Workshop

Last week was the Homestretch workshop in Amsterdam, where the main Blender 2.8 developers gathered. More reports from this will come out on .

The 2.80 release plan and timeline has been posted, aiming for the final release in July. The bugs and todo tasks on that we require to be fixed for this release have been marked as high priority in the tracker.

A number of user interface design decisions were made as well, those can be found in the tasks on .

New Features and Changes

  • A new Industry Compatible keymap was added, based on typical shortcuts in other 3D apps. For those familiar with other software or who want similar shortcuts when working in multiple applications. (task) ( William Reynish )
  • Transform gizmos can now be enabled in the 3D viewport independent of active tools, from a popover menu in the header. The same popover also has controls for display of other gizmos. The Transform tool was removed as it is now redundant. ( Campbell Barton )

  • The material preview was updated to work with Eevee and has new shader ball, cloth and liquid shapes. The shape is now also used for the link/append preview, so that for example hair materials can be displayed on hair. (commit ) ( William Reynish, Brecht Van Lommel )

  • Bendy bones improved deformation quality. (commit ) ( Alexander Gavrilov, Sam )

  • Grease pencil ( Antonio Vazquez )
    • Opacity of control points can now be interactively modified in edit mode with Shift+F.
    • Layers in the dopesheet can now have a custom color, similar to bones.
    • Improved drawing performance in big files.
  • The text editor now has a footer, showing the file name. ( George Vogiatzis )
  • The file browser now remembers the last display mode. ( Sharan Ranjit )
  • Nodes UI: match collapsed and uncollapsed nodes width. (patch ) ( Robert Guetzkow )


Weekly Reports



“The file browser now remembers the last display mode.”


Haha, exact same reaction. :smile:

Thank you Sharan Ranjit!


Ah, finally my long time paper cut was fixed. :beers: :beers: :slight_smile:


Only better unit and regression tests will do that

I knew Mr. Gavrilov worked on bendy bones, but the new results look shockingly good.

The BF should definitely hire him to work on Animation 2020 when that project is started, as he is one of the best animation devs. the BF has ever had.