Developer Meeting Notes

Modules system is back. Check it if you’re deving or planning to:






" If the development fund grows beyond 30k:

  • Particles and hair nodes
  • Texturing tools and tools for procedural textures
  • Painting and Sculpting improvements
  • Better snapping and precision modeling
  • Cycles: denoising
  • Compositor "



What, did you expect all that to just appear suddenly after passing a magic number? Check back in 5 years or so.


?? : D
Of course not.

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Right now at 30.000 euros they have 6 full time paid developers , so you need around 5.000 euros per developer
So wait to reach the 35.000euros before the next developer join the blender foundation;)

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Definitely. He’s been committing stunning features and fixes, he knows exactly what he’s doing. The bendy bone deformations, improvements on constraints, splineIK… glad we have him on board, and I sure hope as well they hire him.


And don’t forget the new nla editor that support proper animation layer system in blender


Oh yes !!! I forgot about that. I haven’t even tried it yet. Does it actually understand when we keyframe something in the viewport on top of another NLA track/action ? It used to keyframe absolute values, so it was pretty much useless. I’m about to try it now.

Hmmmm not sure how this works. I made a simple animation, pushed it down in the NLA then created another empty action, also pushed it down and tried setting the strip mode to “combine” but I cannot animate inside of this second strip even by entering tweak mode on it (it says “failed to insert keyframes”). How should I do it ?

I hope to see something on these areas in a near future…in my opinion they will be the new heroes for all architectural involved people.


however shouldn’t be global? right no it works only per workspace, or am i missing something!!.

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Haven’t tried it yet. I’m still using a build from two weeks ago or so, because in that version an animated visibility hack still works.

I also think file browser remembering last display mode should be global.

What happened to the transform tool? Why are we back to the infuriating single tools? How do you get a move+scale transform gizmo now?

Generally, WTF?

They’re in this popover. They’re still messing with it, I think.



It was just moved, not removed. It means you can now have transform gizmos without actually being inside transform tool. So that you can transform and select at the same time without switching tools :slight_smile:

The only issue is that you will now have to hotkey viewport operators rather than tools, so their keymap command can be a little harder to find:


Oooooh. That’s nice! Finally we can have both the transform gizmo and box select active!

This makes me very happy.

Carry on then :smiley:

  • The Adjust Last Operation panel can now be optionally hidden in the 3D viewport and other headers, from the view menu. In this case the menu can be accessed from the global Edit menu, or the F9 shortcut key. ( Campbell Barton )

Does anyone know where I can find this option?

What option, to hide? It’s in the view menu of the viewport…

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Yes, I searched it only in the preference and didn’t found it and seems like i read over the view menu part, haha.

Just wondering why there was no monday meeting notes this week?