Developer Meeting Notes

Probably with blender 2.82-83, when some problems that limit the use to large companies will be solved there will be a new refund, especially if they will organize an “animation 2020 & everything nodes codequest”

Currently blender 2.81 on my laughable toy gpu radeon hd 7670m (which I love and am fond of) I am impressed with the speed and smootness that they have managed to achieve.
Now I can edit mesh in scenes like mr elephant in eevee rendering mode. A few months ago I would have only dreamed of it.

And I’m following the progress since the beginning of the codequest 2.80… they did a lot of work


Well, most of the big organisations who wanted to jump on Blender after 2.80 released have already donated. Things will likely change once 2.81 releases, or a couple of releases from now when some of the more glaring performance issues have been addressed and some more needed features have been added.

Some progress has been made performance wise in 2.81 (Sculpt Mode is turning out surprisingly fast and stable), so I can see more people jump on board then. Especially among sculptors who don’t need everything ZBrush has to offer to work.


I can imagine that the improvements in the animation pipeline (project animation 2020) can be a huge dealbreaker. But for now we don’t even know what exaclty will be part of the improvements


Hopefully 2.82 will have more brush that closely mimic the ones from Zbrush.

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We already have most of the ones that matter by changing the settings for the current brush tools (still missing a couple, but that will likely be sorted out eventually). What we’re missing right now in Sculpt Mode are trimming tools, clipping tools, destructive booleans for merging and separating, and easy primitives to add to your scene (can be used for booleans or for simply merging shapes together with Voxel remesher). Once that is done, we will have all the basic tools needed for just doing sculpts.

After that we simply need better systems in place to support the sculpting tools. We still need a better subdiv system or at the very least a MultiRes without any bugs (there are a lot of those). Also a destructive decimator and a better developed QuadriFlow would be quite useful as well.

New blog post from Dalai is linked. Concerns release cycles and such.

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Have you already checked out @jayanam’s Fast Sculpt add-on? It provides a ZBrush-style insert primitives and custom meshes tool in Sculpt Mode:


has anyone noticed an uptick of blender crashes in the latest 2.81 betas? i’m on macos and the last few builds crash very frequently when entering edit mode. wondering if its my system or an issue i should be logging?

Next online meeting is on Monday, 7 October 10:00 CEST / 8:00 UTC. It will be on #blender-coders on . (details )


2.81 Tasks and Work

  • The stabilizing branch blender-v2.81-release will be created on October 10th in blender.git and add-ons repositories. An email with details on committing and merging for this branch will be sent to bf-committers. ( Nathan Letwory )
  • Remaining tasks and bugs are on the Blender 2.81 workboard .
  • The manual still needs attention, developers are asked to document new features they worked on if they are still missing.
  • There is now a system to display a one-time warning to users when their graphics card is unsupported or drivers need to be updated. Soon we’ll start displaying warnings like this, when the list of graphics cards is completed. Help is needed with completing supported GPU/driver list for task T70520 . ( Jeroen Bakker )
  • Help is needed to review the local collections patch D5992 . ( Dalai Felinto )
  • A patch for code signing on buildbots will be posted soon. ( Nathan Letwory )

2.82 and Beyond

  • Brecht Van Lommel asks developers to help/take over reviews of bigger projects like mantaflow, LANPR, particle nodes, texture painting. For 2.81 most of the review work was done by Campbell Barton and Brecht Van Lommel, but this can be divided better.
    • LANPR will be taken over by Sebastian Parborg.
    • Module owners/developers please step up and comment in the relevant code reviews when you plan to help.
  • Once blender-v2.81-release is created the master branch is again open for new work.
  • Note that priority for code work is on bug fixing for 2.81.

New Features and Changes

Sculpt & Paint

  • Multires sculpting now supports the new 3D cursor, mesh filter, mask filter and dirty mask. ( Brecht Van Lommel, Sergey Sharybin )
  • Fine tuning of various brushes and sculpt features. ( Pablo Dobarro )
  • Texture painting: revamped undo system for images, resolving various bugs. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Paint and sculpt cursor redesign. ( Harley Acheson, William Reynish )


  • File browser: the dialog now display always on top of other Blender Windows. ( Julian Eisel )
  • File browser: remember display options across Blender sessions. ( Julian Eisel )
  • Dopesheet and sequencer editors: move all selected items when clicking and dragging on a selected item. ( Julian Eisel )
  • Shader editor: the material slots popover now has buttons to assign materials in edit mode. ( Hans Goudey )
  • Image editor: new Resize operator. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Image and clip editor: new Center View to Cursor operators. ( Alessio Monti di Sopra )
  • Clip editor: plane track corners can now be easily dragged with left mouse button. ( Sebastian Koenig )


  • Preference to set the default smoothing mode for f-curve auto handles. ( Alexander Gavrilov )
  • Preference to use OS-key instead of alt-key for middle mouse button emulation. Supported only on Linux and macOS. ( Campbell Barton )
  • Python API: new functions and properties for editing cursor and selection in Text data-blocks. ( Kai Jægersen )

Weekly Progress Reports


The master branch is now open for new features :slight_smile:


Anyone else have problems using node wrangler to cycle through outputs? On linux I have to click outside the node prior to each cycle.

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Yes I had that as well recently, I don’t where it’s coming from though :confused:


Meeting notes for developer meeting in #blender-coders on October 14, 2019. 18:00 CEST (16:00 UTC).


We will try post a single email on Mondays with the core points related to the developer and the coordinators meeting. A more complete report from the developer meeting will still be available on devtalk.

Blender 2.81 - bcon3

  • It is time to remove all the done tasks from the module pages, so 2.82 bcon1 starts fresh again ( Dalai Felinto )
  • Dalai Felinto will also check all the bugs tagged as “Blender 2.81” to be sure they will all be tackled in time.
  • The Multires bug (T58473 ) still need to be tackled and is essential for the new sculpting pipeline ( Pablo Dobarro )
  • Mac build was broken (seems to be ok now) - we can use more developers helping maintaining the Mac build system.

Blender 2.82 - bcon1

  • We already have a few tasks tagged as 2.82 .
  • Module owners are to tag more if they think they will be done in a release cycle.
  • The tasks priorties need update too: anything that we plan to do for 2.82 should be listed under Medium Term as medium (yellow) or high (red) priority.

Other topics

  • We still need to hidre more developers ( Ton Roosendaal ).
  • From there the meeting got sidetracked with talks about growth, training of new developers and onboarding.

New Features and Changes

The last remaining changes have been done for Blender 2.81, now it will receive bug fixes only.

  • File Browser: add back Delete, which now moves files to the trash ( Robert Guetzkow )
  • Collections: in the viewport, “Use Local Collections” now support showing collections that are hidden in other viewports. ( Dalai Felinto )
  • Sculpt: support remaining new tools for multires. ( Brecht Van Lommel, Sergey Sharybin )
  • Sculpt: optimized multi-threading by using Intel TBB. ( Brecht Van Lommel )
  • 2D Paint: antialiasing of brush strokes, which avoids artifacts particularly with small brush radius. ( Pablo Dobarro )
  • Viewport: only hide locked transform manipulator axes for matching spaces. ( Julian Eisel )
  • GPU: show one-time startup warnings for old Intel drivers with known issues. ( Brecht Van Lommel )
  • Python API: support passing a function to WorkSpace.status_text_set() , so operators can draw arbitrary text and icons in the status bar. ( Campbell Barton )

Weekly progress reports

I think everyone will find something of interest here, they even got that crippling multires bug as a priority. It’s also nice that the BF is looking to hire even more developers.



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I wonder who they will hidre? :slight_smile:


I’m really digging Blender’s transition from panels to nodes. No more opening of 10000 submenus with 1000000 confusing values next to each other. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


More Pablos Plz :joy:

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The irony of opening pull-down menus to dig through sub pull-down menus for nodes so you don’t have to open sub-menus, isnt lost on me. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

(They following post is written light-heartedly and only a concern, not a vote for not including nodes. I just don’t know enough about how Blender is going implement them across the board,yet.)

Joking aside, I have a feeling Blender’s learning curve is about to skyrocket once Everything Nodes is implemented across the board.
Once again, I have zero knowledge on how the Blender Foundation will implement node use, but usually a node based workflow (I’m newer to 3D software so it may be different) is ideal for power-users and less so for beginners and people who experiment to learn.
I hope that the ease of experimenting with the dials, sliders, and values that are ALL present for any given functions isn’t lost by having to look through a giant pool of nodes and guess which one may or may not function with a given operation.
Usually the later is the case with nodes.
And look at Houdini, I’ve read stories of studios holding on to, and not sharing, secret sauce node tress for certain effects, like they are gold.

I’ve gotten pretty far along now with Blender’s Cloth Physics by adjusting dials, running sim, adjusting dial, running sim, adjusting dial, running sim… until I started to really understand what is going on with each function. If I had to watch someone tell me to go look for a certain node to use with cloth sims, that experimentation would have taken a lot longer.

I mean, would I really have ever found or known that the “Field Absorption” Node meant to be used with the (collision) node group would have a big effect on my (cloth sim) node group? I do now because of the ease of experimentation Blender allows currently.

Don’t get me wrong, nodes are the way to go and extremely powerful. There are certain things you can only do, or at least do efficiently with nodes. But you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly with a node workflow, unless you truly understand how all of it works. i.e. Power Users.



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I think that they plan to include nodegroups for common setups. Sort of like the Procedural BSDF shaders. So if you need to do e.g. text animation, you can drop in a “Text Animation” nodegroup and adjust settings to get the effect you’re after.

If they ever get the asset manager in, it should be easier for the community to create/share that sort of stuff too.