Developer Meeting Notes


(Zinogg) #61

yep, i agree…delaying as much as needed, 2.8 is a game changer and already catching the attention of high profile artists and maybe even decision makers…it should be tested and polished…because the hype is real.

(tyrant monkey) #62

Blender releases always gets announced for either Siggraph or the Blender conference, big shindigs gotta have something to show, but I don’t think you should ever bet the farm on it happening then, it’s done when it’s done.

(Markus Mayer) #63

Already so much to play with in the alpha, that I don’t have any problems with that.

(Tedri Mark) #64

Looking forward to everything nodes and the interactive mode :slight_smile:

(oaschwab) #65

What’s the story with everything nodes. I know a few months ago there was some real progress but I haven’t heard a word about it since then.

(Thornydre) #66

I thin Jacques Lucke just arrived at the Blender Studio a few weeks ago, he is helping getting Blender 2.8 to the Beta so he can get used to Blender’s code. And then he should start working on everything node in a month or to maybe :slight_smile:

(Craig Jones) #67

Amen, I’d much rather they take the time to finish including polish than to dump a mess in my lap :wink:

(sozap) #68

What you saw was just a proof of concept written in python, the real work hasn’t started yet… I guess we’ll have to wait for at least a year before it gets usable

(BTolputt) #69

The delay is needed. Things aren’t finished and there is still debate on some ground-level UI basics like icon colouring and default hotkey setups. I understand the frustration but releasing now to meet a date is just going to spoil Blender’s 2.8 “splash”.

One of the worst things I’ve been forced to do (over & over again) is releasing something before it’s ready. I support the Blender Foundation’s decision to do it right rather than make a poor impression to meet a PR-set date.

(SynaGl0w) #70

Allow custom icon sets to be included with themes.

(SterlingRoth) #71

Custom icons sounds like a pretty tall order. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

(Ace Dragon) #72

There are nightly 2.8 buildbot builds if you really want to start getting into the new version. You don’t have to wait (at the cost of having to deal with possible stability issues, some bugs, and incomplete UI design).

(SynaGl0w) #73

Quite the opposite! If the current design is using a texture atlas with all the icons in it, just load a texture the user specifies instead of the built-in one… beyond simple.

(BTolputt) #74

This is being worked on. See the Blender Icons thread. :wink:

(SterlingRoth) #75

Haha, I made that comment before I read your most recent interactions with Brecht. I was going off of your initial trepidations, but it sounds like it’s easier than it initially seemed.

More power to you man, Interchangeable icon sets will open up a whole new world for people to customize (and ruin*, haha) their UI.

*Behold a small sampling of the power of customization:

(m9105826) #76

Anyone who expected the beta at any of the previously set deadlines has obviously not followed Blender development for very long (or most other software, for that matter).

(<== Lost? Click Me) #77

Whoa, flashbacks to Winamp. Ze :goggles:!

(SterlingRoth) #78

haha, I have to go download winamp 2.95 just for nostalgia now.

Semi on topic off-topic:
Winamp allowed a fairly accessible reskinning with a series of .bmp files that defined the UI:

You could modify these in any way you saw fit, it was a pretty simple wysiwyg way to make a custom UI

(Thinking Polygons) #79

Reminds me when someone changed c4d’s icons with these:


(SynaGl0w) #80

People are also free to customize their computers by dumping water on them while they are running.


Going to be itching to port some old addons to 2.8 but a number of those also use native C structs, so I’ll have to wait until I know those are not likely to be changed…

“When it’s ready” is the best deadline!