Developer Meeting Notes


(dpdp) #81

Either they aren’t following Blender development OR they ARE following Autodesk development. With Blender, there is no financial advantage to releasing software on any deadline. It is released when the software is stable. At Autodesk, software is released in the Spring.

(drgci) #82

i use the today build for animation and its first time that blender didnt crash not even one time!

(SterlingRoth) #83

And it’s never stable!

Autocad crashes 10x more than blender. And it has a much less robust autosave system than blender, so when it does crash, it’s a pain in the rear to recover.

I can crash blender, restart it, reload the autosave and be back working in the time it would take autocad to realize it has crashed.

Sorry, that’s the end of my off-topic rant :slight_smile:

(xrg) #84

(Thinking Polygons) #85



(drgci) #86

disapointing for static overrides going for blender 2.81 :frowning:
but to be more positive , i cant wait for the beta release and the blender conference

(Johan Walles) #87

I’m glad that things are being cut in favor of actually getting the release out!

(DarkNavi.exe) #88

Doing this because Xrg did not do it and I just want to be the slightest bit helpful out here. Also, I just remembered today was Monday and noticed the notes were not pasted here yet.

(Ace Dragon) #89

Mantaflow being ready for review caught me by surprise, I didn’t expect it to get to that point until perhaps next Summer.

That means the fluid and smoke modules will be among the areas getting big upgrades in 2.8x :slight_smile:

(xrg) #90

(drgci) #91

So next week will be the beta release?

(rboxman) #92

Eh, probably not is my guess (but I’m a pessimist).

Of the 6 key areas listed here: only 1 has had work done in the past week on it (image empties). The remaining 5 are just re-iterated in some form in the above weekly status with not much code progress I’ve noticed. They at least have a dev assigned now though. OSD is perpetually ready to land “soon”.

So they still have to do all this, and merge to master, and drive the crashes down a bit more, and spin a more proper release… Don’t think it’ll happen next week.

(Zinogg) #93

i asked Pablo in his previous stream and he said last of the month, so probably November’s last week.

(CarlG) #94

Does these notes cover the “blender-2.80.0-git.c4c62e6df55-windows64” build? I notice there is a new build since then, a few hours ago. If so, the outer group works, but groups inside that still need value nodes hooked up. The screenshot shows the outer group controlling pixel resolution works fine without node, but the inner group will not react to the group IOR setting of 1.45, causing a Snells Window effect on the screen. If I hook up the value node 1.45, it shows up fine. Tested both in LookDev and Render display modes (but not F12 rendered, not ready for that yet).

(BTolputt) #95

Just sayin’ :wink:

(Thinking Polygons) #96

lol. What’s that suppose to mean, do you think ain’t gonna happen?

(BTolputt) #97

No. I’m saying it’s good that Brecht’s plans for the week are to get on with something I’ve been looking forward to actually getting official support for decades. :wink:

Brecht is a paid developer. His week’s plan is to deal with the left-click select keymap and making it work with the tool system in time for the beta. This is a GOOD thing.

(Thinking Polygons) #98

Ok great. But this compatibility with the tools system means PROPER compatibility? Like, be able to use all the tools with just the LMB like in a sane 3D app?
For me that’s one of the most annoying things about the tools system (besides the bugs), it’s pretty unnecessary to use both mouse buttons to use the tools.

(BTolputt) #99

Honestly, dunno, need to talk to @brecht about this. I assume it’s meant to allow such, but it does depend on what Brecht thinks/feels about the matter.

FWIW, I agree with you, tools need to be usable if at all possible with just the left click. Wacom tablets (& their clones) are not a niche tool amongst artists anymore (& haven’t been for a while).

(Ammusionist) #100

WOOHOO!!! (Just saying!)