Developer Meeting Notes


(CarlG) #101

Tonights build fixed the nested/deeper node group issue. Now I can finally start playing with 2.80 for realz :smiley:

(xrg) #102

Wireframe display in 2.8 hard to read
(Rangiz) #103


Are there plans for Eevee to deliver UV pass?

(Thinking Polygons) #104

Something happened:

(Grimm) #105

Woot! Oh yeah! :laughing:

(TheRedWaxPolice) #106

I wanna see it in action…
Does that means the “Industry Standard Keymap” can finally be a reality?

(Thinking Polygons) #107

Don’t hold your breath. :v:

(Zinogg) #108

i think it will be called “compatible keymap” but like you said we have to see it in action, personally i modified the right click one to work with left click, box select…etc but would love to see how they did it becaue it seems they mapped 3d cursor to shift+RMB and move “W” to RMB but maybe more modification will come later like making the W menu with components selection like other DCC.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #109

The left click interaction with the tool system is what I’m more interested in… All operations must to be done with LMB only…

(Zinogg) #110

i am with you on that.

(xrg) #111

(drgci) #112

So we are almost there for the beta release !!

(zeauro) #113

Well, it looks like it is not for this week.

(drgci) #114

Yeah not this week but maybe next week

(Grzesiek) #115

I hope they onboard Blender XR

(ajarosz) #116

Does it really matter? Is alpha different from pre alpha builds? It is just naming. :slight_smile:

(drgci) #117

It’s matters because after beta all features will be completed and they will be a bug fixes that will make blender more stable

(zeauro) #118

There were 2 alphas. And yes, alpha 2 was different from first alpha.
Until now, bugtracker is supposed to be closed to bugreports and open for crashes.

Beta should give a better idea to what expect from 2.80 to people not testing nightly builds everyday.
And it will give a reference release to bugreporters.

Beta release will not be as important as a 2.80 stable release. But it is a marker that most part of path to 2.80 has been done. Unless feedback will be negative.

(ajarosz) #119

The only difference is going to be a bug tracker and I have to agree - it is big. Myself I have like few bugs and I’m waiting to report them. Beta is just the name for the daily release, for which the developers will come to the conclusion that they can call it that. There will be no big differences between the day before build. That what I meant. I know that there are differences between alpha and alpha two. But between them, there are tons of daily build with small tweaks. Same here it will no matter (except bug tracker) if you use the beta or day before beta build.

(Mr_Flamey) #120

If they do, I really hope that team works closely with the grease pencil guys, as Daniel Martinez Lara had a lot of thoughts about VR in his recent Blender Conference talk, and from the work he did on grease pencil, I feel that he would really be able to direct VR integration well.