Developer Meeting Notes

The idea was to put in context menu, menus or items that did not have a quick access through specific shortcut.
Focus was on improving discoverability of things for new users.

Old Dynamic Spacebar addon is still there.
It was renamed Dynamic Context Menu and it includes Add menu.

The context menu already contains duplicate, delete, copy, and similar node operations. Putting the add menu in there is better discoverability by being consistent. Otherwise the user has to go discover where the devs put the add menu.

Putting it in the context menu also eliminates the need to use the left hand/keyboard to set up nodes. So it’s probably more efficient anyway. And it’s one less hotkey to remember.


I did not get that you were talking about Simulation Editor.

When you start using Blender, you will begin to try to master 3D View.
That is a menu present in header of 3D view, between Select menu and Object/Mesh menu.
Tooltip is showing its shortcut.
That is pretty obvious.

It is at same place, working the same way, in Node Editor.

Jacques Lucke just did not take time to create menus for header of Simulation Editor and assumed that users who will test this experimental feature, already know that kind of basic about blender.
Context menu in Simulation Editor is the one used in all node editors (but those ones have an Add menu in their header).

I liked when toolbar was giving ability to add nodes in 2.7x. Now, that is limited only to 3 buttons for active tools, toolbar in node editor seems pretty useless.
When amount of active tools is so ridiculously low, we should have a clever way to use toolbar.

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Notes for meeting of Monday, 3 August 2020. 18:00 CEST / UTC 16:00 on #blender-coders on


Release Communication Week

  • The release team is preparing the release log and demo files for 2.90.
  • The team welcomes CC demo files from artists. Please contact Dalai Felinto ([email protected]) if you want to share any fun file with one the new features.

Google Summer of Code

  • Second evaluation was last week - 9 projects passed
  • Himanshi Kalra announces that her project changed its 3rd deliverable from “compositor automated testing” to “polishing the framework and merging it to master”.
  • Other students are also encouraged to take a look at the schedule and be pragmatic about how wrapping up and merging plans.

New Features and Changes


  • Sculpt ( Pablo Dobarro )
    • Cloth Brush Soft Body Influence property (commit )
    • Use constraints in cloth deform brushes (commit )
    • Enable persistent base for the cloth brush (commit )
  • Grease Pencil: New Brush predefined mode (commit ) ( Antonio Vazquez )
  • Ocean Modifier: add viewport resolution (commit ) ( Phil Stopford )
  • Cycles: add support for rendering deformation motion blur from Alembic caches. (commit) ( Kévin Dietrich )
  • Rigid Body: add compound shape (commit ) ( David Vogel )
  • UV Editor:
    • Select linked with sync-select in vert/edge modes (commit ) ( Campbell Barton )
    • Path select support with sync-select enabled (commit ) ( Campbell Barton )

Weekly Reports