Developer Meeting Notes


(Romanji) #121

Any words when they will tackle the floating tool properties panel?

(Piotr Adamowicz) #122

Oh? Is that still under discussion? I thought it’s here to stay. I have to say I don’t really like it.

(Romanji) #123

I absolutely don’t like it in its current form. The plan as i recall was to make it a real floating panel, so that you can move it and also permanently close it if you don’t need it.
The content of the panel should also appear in the active tool panel of the property editor (so that you can actually decide not to use the floating panel and have the options available somewhere else) .
And i also heard about some plans to make it even more customizable (docking, transparent background…)

All of that is primarily of aesthetic value not really functional, but i really want it (sooner the better).

(Piotr Adamowicz) #124

All I want is to be able to pop it up under my mouse on demand like it would in 2.79 when you pressed f6, instead of cluttering up my viewport all the time.

(Romanji) #125

This is strange…i remember i actually did that in 2.8 not too long ago, but now it doesn’t work anymore?

I think this functionality should be a part of the new panel design.
Either you have it open all the time (or not at all using the active tool panel in property editor)
Or it pops up whenever you use a tool (at the same position you determine).
Or you call it and it pops up under your mouse. Maybe with a better reachable shortcut than f6.

This is what i think it should become.

(xrg) #126

Adjust Last Operation is what F6 did. It just doesn’t have a hotkey anymore by default.


(Piotr Adamowicz) #127

Yeah, f6 was the default, but I always assigned this to the spacebar.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #128

Cool. Now how do I get rid of the popup on the lower left?

(Hadriscus) #129

Best you can do right now is roll it down, hopefully we can get a toggle for it.
I also remember the plan was to have a really universal last operator panel, something that wouldn’t be bound to the 3Dview - somehow they managed to change everything but that in the new version.


So… beta is coming… next week? :slight_smile:

B E T A :rocket: Blender Today Live #41 | 2018. nov. 26.

(drgci) #131

Finally great news

(Ace Dragon) #132

I predict will get slammed by hundreds of bug reports within a few days of the beta coming out (because the bug tracker will be open to all issues and not just crashes).

As I work with 2.8, I don’t see a lot of truly major bugs in general functionality, but there are plenty of smaller issues that would qualify as something to report.


Will the beta have the open subdiv improvements?


I don’t know :confused:

(Zinogg) #135

i don’t think so…but we might get a surprise by the russian doctor :slight_smile:

(LazyDodo) #136

While it is exciting that we finally hit beta, some expectation management might not be the worst idea, it is very unlikely that they are sitting on a giant cache of new functionality they are just holding out for for the beta, i’m not expecting the transfer from alpha to beta to be much more than a splash screen change compared to the last nightly…

(drgci) #137

So blender 2.8 beta tomorrow?

(LordRaven) #138

Beta already? It’s not that I’m unhappy but there are still so many obvious bugs in 2.8. (For example switching a material from opaque to transparent in EEVEE reliability crashes the program). I think they should fix them before releasing beta or the tracker will be swamped by a lot similar bug reports.

(drgci) #139

All of those bugs will be fixed after beta

(captainkirk) #140

That is the whole point of the beta. Up till now the main focus has been getting all the features in. Now it’s to make sure they work.