Developer Meeting Notes


(Craig Jones) #163

Sorry but I was misunderstanding the notes there because they said operator and I thought native solution and not the normal mesh menu for the add on. It would be better if it were at least already enabled by default then.

(kkar) #164

This!!! Right back on track and timely… Thanks @brecht

(Chanfiroly) #165

I think it is going to be enabled by default (I read it somewhere).

(Asticles) #166

This is a nightmare when using a tablet, because you can move the objects without realizing, when you select them.
One thing I hated about Max.

Edited: Sorry, please consider this @brecht

(Hadriscus) #167

Asticles, the drag threshold should still apply if I understand correctly. Even if you click and move your pen a few pixels to the side accidentally, it should not be enough to trigger the tweak event, if you set the drag threshold high enough. Just like how it is now in 2.7. I think.

(Asticles) #168


Where is that threshold value?

Thanks for your response.

(zeauro) #169

User Preferences, Input Tab, Top Left corner

(Asticles) #170

Ok, I’ll try.


(Grzesiek) #171

How I miss thee… Ever since I first used it, there was no going back. On larger meshes. it was so quick and easy to select an object or two and quick slash to look at just the few objects… Far easier than layers or hiding/unhiding objects.

Was so missing this in 2.8 since I stared testing it… now … finally I can enjoy blender fully :slight_smile:

(kkar) #172

I have been using Blender with tablet for a long time, never accidentally moved an object when drag and release is in place. You need to put your pen’s tip to touch to be able to grab an move. This mode only works when left button is clicked (ie your pen’s tip is physically touching your tablet, unless you set it differently). You can move it accidentally when using mouse too if you are no careful with it.

This mode is the best mode for tablet mode in my view because I can do a lot of edits without pressing buttons with a tablet.

(Zinogg) #173

i fired up blender and see that “User Preferences” returned in the editors ,that’s nice :+1:


UI: rename “OpenGL” render engine to “Workbench”.
UI Theme: Transparent toolbar for UV/Image Editor and consistency tweaks.
Keymap: add preference for spacebar to run operator search
Keymap: 3D view center to cursor operator
Addition to Alt-MMB-Drag orbit,
Alt-MMB-Click centers the view on the mouse.
Tool System: use tools for node editor
UI: Bring back User Preferences entry in Editors list.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #175

Yay for Workbench being back. The name gives off good Amiga vibes. OpenGL was just so boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #177

(Thinking Polygons) #178

And very inconsistent where the editor selector appear


(Zinogg) #179

probably due to the new changes in the UI design.

(Ace Dragon) #180

You can still get it as the floating window if that happens to be the more convenient option.

However, the editor version of it needs the name change as well.

(Grzesiek) #181

Wo wo wo… whatttt… So need to confirm this as soon as I get home. Hope it is as it was in 2.79.

(Zinogg) #182

i think they are going with 'User Preferences" or “Preferences”, settings is not appropriate for it.

(RickyBlender) #183

where will we find this search command now ?

happy cl