Developer tools - Talon Code Mapper

so this should help plan any refactor, by highlighting where all uses of a function are etc.

Eclipse already has a feature to show callees, callers hierarchy. QtCreator provides “find usages”.

It works great with Visual Studio, Xcode, Xamarin, Unity, SuperCard, LiveCode… pretty much any written programming language
This makes me weary. I admit i did not watch the full video nor did i listen (no sound). I assume the differences between languages would have to be taken into account to produce good results.

Further static analysis for dynamic languages like python is hard. Actually a thing i don’t like about python. You will spend the time, you saved by omitting types, fixing typos and bugs, an IDE for a static typed language would have catched for you.

The heavy lifting is done by a parser/compiler like clang(frontend), which turns the source code into an Abstract Syntax Tree From the tree representation it should not be that hard to generate graphs like the one shown in the video above. Unfortunatly the documentation for clang is a bit sparse.

Python provides a module for this procedure.

EDIT: watched the video a little bit longer - still wonder what walking logic means
If you run the application you “walk the logic” as well. Yet common practice are unit tests.

Sorry, but i am a sceptic :confused:

I don’t claim to know that is will help, I merely found it, and gave it to the forum to decide.

The author of the software said he would take a look at blender, and the game engine with it.