(developers look here)Disneys paperman breakdown/painterly application.


when artists/programmers team up,interesting things happen.



theres is no replacement for real 2d,but I still find this interesting.

I was also reading a paper on Deep Canvas from back in the 90’s (wow i’m old)

I think the grease pencil developers could really do this…


UPDATE: Thanks Dronn for this video,amazing technology…I’m sure grease pencil developers could create something similar.


OK, that is pretty damned cool. I think you’d need to pair up with GIMP, Krita, or MyPaint to do it properly (probably with PTex integration as well), but DAMN that is awesome! :slight_smile:

I like the idea, I’m tired of photorealism

I got to see this in HD, man that is awesome

yeh cycles is amazing and all,but definitely need more artistic painterly tools.I think if someone messed around with the grease pencil code,it could be achievable.

but who to contact?

tyrant,you mean paperman?

yup paperman, since tangled I thought these guys got there mojo back

OK. I get that the point of the Paperman tech is to auto-generate inbetweens, based on artistically hand-drawn keyframes. I don’t mind auto-generated toon outlines, and this is a clear and cool step up. The motion vector displacement stuff looks really interesting.
But. If it’s only possible when tracing pre-existing animated 3d-models, it loses most of the unique characteristics of hand-drawn animation. It’s not “computer assisted 2d animation of line and paint” as much as “line and paint enhanced digital 3d animation”.

I guess I’m basically just agreeing with “there’s no replacement for real 2d”:slight_smile:
But I think NPR-rendered / 3d composited backgrounds + hand drawn animation was a true and huge breakthrough. When I think about the old multiplane camera monster machines, it really makes me appreciate what we can achieve with Blender today.
Maya’s Paint Effects is packed with promising concepts and features, but as a user experience it’s quite a djungle. Still, well worth exploring for those with NPR and artistic experimentation on their mind.

yeh but to think that tarzan came out back in 98/99,and not much has been done with the tech.

the gnomon workshop released so tutorials on paint effects in maya recently,looks good.

Disney every now and then try to do some artistic,which I admire.Bolt for instance had painterly backgrounds.There is a document on that here…

http://www.disneyanimation.com/library/painterlyCgConcepts.pdf (takes a while to load)

you can do similar things with grease pencil with like a millions layers haha.Do you think the BF would be interested in developing something like this?

one can dream…

I come from a 2d background,so I have a soft spot for traditional animation,but i like innovation.

there seemes to be some kind of remake:

i think its done using particles of some kind (even the original)
we might be able to fake the look using particle systems but the key is usability.

it seems as if overcoat at least hat to be across multible modes and might therefore be problematic as a script.

oh wow,where did you find this?

,it seems fairly recent too 2011. Looks like exactly what I want.

I don’t want “fakes” though,want the real deal.If a fake way is a road to discovering a proper way,then I am all for it!

I’ll update the first pose with that link.

was a siggraph paper:
i scann them for interesting stuff, sketch based modelling being one sort of it :slight_smile:

yeh I look at the paper too sometimes,but I missed this.

seems like almost every vid linked here is broken

http://youtu.be/TZJLtujW6FY<a href=“http://youtu.be/TZJLtujW6FY” target="_blank">

Found a paper about deep canvas, from the WYSIWYG NPR: Drawing Strokes Directly on 3D Models

the paperman technique, is also a viable tool to make something that look 2d on a stereo view, wich is something that i have been looking for since ages, i just recently knew about this shortfilm, and found this thread,

So is theere a way to achieve the deep canvas, or the vertex inbetweener effect right now?, or there are any plans to implement something like this?, improving the grease pencil or something??

Paperman is easily my favorite 3D short ever, right up there with Alma. I’d kill to get my hands on their in-house tools.

Paperman, complete shortfilm

wow i love this short and tech behind it really amazing

film was very well executed!

I guess poking developers to include EVERY TIME a high-tech technology to Blender is just naive. Come on, you won’t replace every application with Blender; besides it’s so funny to see how people were wining about lack of Cycles-like-renderer and now they expect more hand-drawn look of their renders. Earth to Blender-fans, calm down guys!