(developers look here)Disneys paperman breakdown/painterly application.

who are these people you speak of? are you assuming that everyone on this forum has been here for years?

plus,deep canvas was made in 1997,dude.new hi-tech technology?

edit: and I must add,the paperman links where only added after,this thread was originally about deep canvas (as far as I can remember lol,this thread was made back in october).The title of this thread was edited just because it was “related” to npr ,just for sharing purposes,have a read through the thread.

@@mookie3d and yet blender IS the Gnu 3D swiss army knife, and dude there is a lot of people that wish a Freestyle-like-renderer… enhanced! :D…, even though, i agree that it is naive to expect something in the short term, in the long term i hardly think so,

… about the naivness… one of my goals this year is to learn python, i dont know yet if i will be able to understand how to code something useful, but at least i´m going to try to be a little less naive…

Yes the motion vectors really grabbed me, I wonder if the tracker could implement an image analysis like that? I believe that the libmv project (that spawned the tracker) was developing in that way…