Developers wanted for bounty hunt!

The BitWrk distributed rendering service is preparing for a relaunch with new features and a different approach to traditional render farms. We’re three guys on two continents. Join us in building something that hasn’t existed before!

If you’re a software developer with some experience in Go, Python or Javascript and a LOVE for Blender, have a look at this:

You’ll do it for the money, the experience and the joy of helping Blender. We have tasks ranging from simple to rocket science for you to chose. For each task solved, you receive a bounty ($50, $120 or $300 depending on difficulty).

And the best is yet to come: An additional 50% will be donated to the Blender Foundation!

Does that sound like a challenge? See the BitWrk Bounty Hunt page for information on how to participate.


We’re happy to report that this call for participation has already helped us get in contact with a potential bounty hunter: Saci Djafar is a software developer and he’s also running a YouTube channel where he’s showing time-lapse videos of his Blender sculpting projects. Absolutely worth checking out!

Of course, we’re still looking for further participants! If you like Blender and programming, it’d be great to have you onboard!

Hi @indyjo

I am quite experienced with Python and JavaScript, and would really like to work on this. I love blender but there’s a slight issue. I’m only aware how to use the game engine properly, and I’m a beginner when it comes to modelling. Would really like to work on this though!

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Hi @Anubhav_Bhattacharya,

great to hear that! Please fill out the form and we’ll get you on board. All Python code in BitWrk is Blender-related so if you’d like to take this opportunity to sharpen your Blender user and add-on coding skills, be very welcome!


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