Developing on windows vs linux

Im getting back into the game engine so I did a few test runs to see my limit on polygons.

At 22k polygons:
o Windows 15-16~ FPS
o Linux 35-36~ FPS

Thats a huge difference and this is only a Graphical demo Its opengl running on an ATI I know Blender has issue with Slow UI and Ati cards but does this effect the game engine as well?

So if your game runs well on Windows, it will run great on Linux :slight_smile:

maybe it depend of the graphics drivers on Win vs Linux

Be sure you have the same version of the OpenGL drivers for both windows and linux, because that’s the only way you can get a valid comparison.

not only the same driver. also your RAM should be exact. macs allways have a slightly bigger RAM.


Well its the same system :stuck_out_tongue: Duel Boot, But I can only guess its a drivers issue