[Development discussion] Bullet Upgrade

Proposal: upgrade bullet physics to 2.83

abstract: Threading physics on multicore gpu, and cpu systems can allow for denser physics meshes, as well as for better continious collision detection,
it also opens up the possiblity of decomposing triangle meshes into many simple bounds or many convex hull bounds, allowing for more realistic collisions and
less errors.

our occlusion is done by bullet currently as well, I think.

part 2:

if durring this stage, LOD , occlusion and instanced geomtry shaders could all be written in OpenCL and openGL, then blender game engine would have almost the same power as ue4 graphically, with the exception of a tesselation shader.

Since logic is almost bug free (as far as I can tell)
should development of enhancements be a priority now?

part 3 imposter mesh = push our instancing system into modern geometry instancing, with batched draw calls. if you have 1000 of the same item in view,
you can use 1 draw call, rather then 1000.

use = add instanced duplicates to scene

part 4= automatic dynamic lighting manager = moves x lights around,
populating light positions, allowing us to use hundreds of lights in a scene,
as most of the time, you never need more then 12 lights in a visible area.

if I were to kickstarter this, who would code it?
how much do you think it is worth?
10,000$ us?

What am I missing to make the bge a contender ?

I wish they would get that but i don’t know if they will do it.

Someday they will have to upgrade anyway, otherwise Blender will get outdated, powerless engine after time. Anything should be updated to new versions. I hope that render engine will get updated too and have full particle support including fluid simulation and other cool stuff. I am wondering why PBR is still not implemented in BGE - is it really so hard to do?

MPan made a addon you can buy that does it, (PBR)

but that is just the tip of the iceburg,

there are game GSL nodes etc,

however without efficient draw call batching, LOD, instancing, and occlusion, we will never get the kind of poly counts
modern engines use.

so -
physics = upgrade to a openCL based solver

Drawing = GPU based instancing, LOD, occlusion and potentially static render call batching.

logic = I have everything I need, except a dynamic loading manager and light manager

anyone else have a wish list?

In logic I may want more access to some stuff aviable in editor to edit real time. That means:
*Stereoscopy and camera dome edit in real time
*What? I just forgot the stuff.

Also I may want to have some advanced mipmap settings in real time for graphic settigns, for example, maximum texture resolution allowed in scene and a method that uses that resolution mipmaps at closest distances and ignores full texture resolutions(this is for graphics settings that allows player to set texture quality).

I may have some more stuff to request. I want to have built-in easy to use PBR, not to buy one.

This is what I want, dear Blender developers!:slight_smile: