Development goals survey

Hi all, I’d like to start getting more of the features that you specifically want done, as well as to provide funding for more developers to work on Blender.

I’d appreciate it if you would take this preliminary survey to see what sort of interest there is in funding Blender development directly in order to more fully meet your needs. This first survey is to get a rough idea of what the interest level is - where you think things are at right now; where you think things should go in the future. I’ll use the top 10 feature requests and top 10 bugs as a basis for voting on priorities. (Ie I’ll take the data from this survey, summarize it, then when someone signs up for the plan they can vote on the priorities from a list of suggested ones based on this survey, although write ins can be added also, etc.)

Development goals and needs survey

If this survey shows enough interest than I’ll try and get the ball rolling to make it happen. I already have a number of core developers who would be willing and able to put more time into Blender and focus more on what you guys want and need if the funding is available.



It’s funny but
Why don’t you respond my question ?
How much money need a Developer ?

Sorry, but, by node texturing, do you mean material?


there isn’t a direct answer. It differs drastically by country, city, and skill of the developer.

Steaph - node textures and materials, edited the question to make it clearer.

Yes, i know but i hear that paid $100 000 for only 2 developers and that was really sick to pay that for only 2 :yes:

With that money, you can Pay in my country more developers almost 20 :wink:

With more developers , we would be   LIGHT  YEARS  against other softwares:yes:

But tell me in your country
-How much do you pay ?

hey this is good
I am happy to see the professional user options

when can we see results?


it isn’t just more developers, it is quality of developers - probably 1 in 1000 developers is skilled enough to do useful significant contributions to the render engine. I won’t discuss specific salary amounts since that has to be negotiated with each developer.


not sure when I might provide a summary of results.

HEHEEHE QUALITY here we have good developers maybe need to know about Blender but at last we are gonna have A LOT MORE than only 7 maybe? :cool:
1 in 1000 mmmm i don’ t believe in that

Why don’t you talk about it ?maybe it’s obscene maybe pay 50 000 a year only for one
and for 7 we are talking about 350 000 a year uffffff a lot of money for 7 i think
Instead of paying almost 20 and Good developers in other places
_ i’ll think that the money is not good administrated

Think very well in that we are not discussing we are talking the reality :yes:

The Blender comunity should knows that we can have the posibility to GROW

Hey a great start.

Could you add the following:

Object-Mechanical Animation:
(Not everybody is doing character animation which deals with specific concepts itself)

One Time Donation : Amount of a Donation (once, or more often)
(Some might only be able to donate when they have funds available and cannot join a subscription model)

Video Editing:
Compared to FCP, Premier, AVID,…

“5. What pieces of software/plugins do you think have the best implementations”
This one is hard to answer because most commercial solutions are actually better.
Maybe turn this into how do you think it compares based on your experience with a commercial software counterpart.


come on guys chill.

I am serious that they do not wast the money.

Also developer is not developer.
For coding a render engine you also need to understand all the science behind it.
I assume that is more complicated than scripting a bridge tool for mesh modeling.


When you refer to (Python API) do you mean as a coder or as a Python plugin user?

P. Monk

pimpmymonkey - probably as a script developer was my intent.

cekuhnen - not sure how easy it is to add options after the survey has started - i can edit the character to be character/object/mechanical animation - was trying to differentiate between mocap based animation.

As to one time donation -while i might set that up as an option i’ll leave it off the survey for now.

As to what has the best implementation - I didn’t ask ‘what has a better implementation than blender’ but of what people have used - what they feel is the best implementation. It might not be all that useful a question though - answers will more likely end up being ‘what is the primary software you have used for the following’.

Although a poll is nice, and the effort to reach out to the community is appreciated, it will be biased towards people who do only stills, which is 95% of users I think- animation based feedback will always be sorely misrepresented. As Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” Thankfully Ton really pushes towards animation creation as opposed to stills. Animation is high end, yet difficult, so will be sorely under-voiced in any survey in any package.


well many aspects for the survey only tackle animation jobs, but never the less the funding outcome is the one that interests me the most.


my hope/plan for funding is to segment by group. I expect there to be clusters of users for different sets of tools, part of why I asked about primary usage. So arch viz users might want materials, rendering, DXF I/O and compositor improvements. Hobbiest users might want easier UI, sculpt, model and paint tool improvements, and maybe sexy/fun stuff like explosions simulation. There will probably be a cluster of primarily animators; primarily game engine users; primarily video editing and compositing; and primarily special effects and simulation.

In that way I hope to be able to best meet the needs of each group. Focusing both on areas of overlapping interest as well as areas of clustered unique interest.

And yet the development during the Open Movies is at times more towards animation and rendering animations than rendering stills (which is why the GI system couldn’t be one of the real accurate, yet slower solutions, in other cases many new things not using raytracing)

I’m looking at the survey, I’m finding the “hours a week” thing to be quite hard to answer for a couple of reasons…

on some projects I’d be pulling 40+ hours modelling… on others maybe 1-2 hours a week… same goes for rendering, nodes, compositing, sequencing…

UV mapping is something I’m really good (and fast at) and that the blender tools help a lot (and I;ve used them all!)… so I hardly spend any time in the grand scheme of things using that…

but I consider myself a heavy user of the uv toolset!!!

and it needs improvement, especially with unwrapping for mirroring… and having modelling tools be less destructive to UVs… so I really hate putting down that I “use it a little at less than 3 hours a week” when it’s pretty much the the only way I ever map anything (barring a little camera projection here and there)


just getting a rough idea where people spend their time, with a large enough number of responses the specifics won’t matter too much. I’ve had some response that put a bunch of things at heavy so total hours exceeds the hours in a week :slight_smile: Anywho don’t worry about perfect accuracy.

Basically the data from that section is to roughly estimate where an individuals primary grouping is, and whether they are a hardcore user or more casual user. It is to avoid the flaw that I found in the cgenie survey where Modo got amazing animation results, basically because none of their users are animators and don’t really have a need for animation tools.

Later sections give an idea of where people would like further development focused.