development release of Glasgow

Well finally… Putting my foot in my mouth. I had just ranted about it being a year of promised and missed beta releases cinepaints glasgow is out.

I haven’t tried out cinepaint on linux cause it says that it will break my build. I just tried this out on windows and there are a couple of dependences. Haven’t found it to do anything yet. So we will see.

check it out at

Yay! FINALLY!!! :slight_smile:


Glasgow 0.1 will release today. Of interest to developers, but not users yet. Lots of stuff broken or missing.


SAthEfRere Nomatogo wrote:
When will Cinepaint Glasgow be released? Dec. 15 was last week! Could a beta build be released for an early preview by users?

I am very eager to try Glasgow. I watch the website almost everyday.

Best wishes and a merry Christmas

What a coincidence!!!

Emailed the developer Dec. 20th asking for him to provide a beta release…next day…source code released…next day after that…presto…binaries for windows. :slight_smile:

Downloaded…can’t do much of anything with it yet (open jpg and tif…that’s about it). Just about everything has something or other broken in it. In fact, in the readme, the developer wrote that this release was mostly to prove the existence of CinePaint.