Deviant, Anyone?

I love deviantArt, and lots of people have them, but it’s just not talked about a whole lot.

I want to start this thread to get people to show off their DeviantArt pages.
Just post a link to your profile, and post your favorite work of art or writing from the previous person’s page.

I’m first, here’s my link:

It’s a pretty cool website!

i like the website and all but its to dang simple, doesn’t allow any customization of profile, now for example if it was like myspace that would be awsome

Yep I got one, link is in my sig. But in case you have sigs turned off, here is linky!
I like it because there is just so many random things to see, and read. Lots of brushes for the GIMP too.

i like the website and all but its to dang simple, doesn’t allow any customization of profile, now for example if it was like myspace that would be awsome

I disagree. I am really starting to get tired of the myspace/facebook thing. I like the less flashy, grey look. Gives me the chance to rest my eyes.

I also have one…

I think it is a good website. I found some great artists on it.

it’s been a long time since I added new things on it. but I didn’t have much time.

I have to agree with superkoop - I’m an artist who does not want to have to look at super flashy subpages which only distract from the art the people do. I’m there to see what kind of art they do, not how good they are at making websites (which is its own art but not the one I’m lookign for). Also, I don’t want to look like an “outsider” just because I’m not doing it. The relaxed grey look is definitely fine.

Ah, yeah…I’m here:
(and I’m not going to post my fav deviations of the above poster now - whom I actually have seen on dA already - because I need some time for that and I’d rather do it on dA itself…so, watch out :wink: ).

Did you read their user agreement? They reserve the right to use your artwork without notice or compensation. I don’t trust them.

yes its nice, but you cant customize it AT ALL like i personally hate how the layout of the website is… wouldn’t mind changing it


Don’t you keep all rights to it though, it says that in the agreement. Maybe thats just for the popular and new categories on the homepage…
Plus there would be outrage if they were selling your stuff without you knowing and then someone finds out and its all like dun dun dun ya know

I’ve had an account there for 5 years now.

Two whole things posted!!! I’m just bored and replying to everything. Sorry.

Actually, if you’ve not been there for a while, has at come point re-vamped their account things to make them sort of resemble deviant-art, but i do think they have some better customization stuff. I’ve not actually tried it or explored at all, but maybe worth a look?

EDIT - They reserve the right, i believe, to use your subbmitted artwork in advertisements and stuff for their site. You do retain all the copyrights and everything to the art. If you choose to use their print service they take a chunk of the profits, but then that’s obvious. But yes the stuff you post there is legally yours, they can’t sell your work to anyone without your permission. They just put that there so they they have the right to display your work publicly. Which is what they do, basically.

I like the Just a Character drawing. Not bad

And my MySpace has had a black background, red headings, and white text, plain and simple. I hate when people put all kinds of graphics nad videos, so much that it takes forever to scroll to their comments section. haha

enjoy it…

the only one i knew , not mine
something about that one does it for me. i love mixed media/collage stuff.

I have been a Deviant artist for over two years now. My gallery is at

If I had anything up there, it would be on Creative Commons anyway, so that’s no big deal to me.