Devil Beast / Update #2 / Dwarf Character Added

proably much like my:

eel -80% finished
spider demon -60% finished
medusa -75% finished
hubert the fish -75% finished

this project will go unfinished but thats cool with me. i would still consider my self a newbie and i consider these projects just studies in learning textureing, and mesh modeling. but here is my hopes for this model
its going to be a horned devil looking beast, and maybe if i feel crazy enough i will have him in some kind of scene (just got to finsh the head first :smiley: :o )
but i approached this model a lot different then other models. i made each body part in seperate sections, like the arms and legs i made in seperate files. and actually textured them before i joined to the body. i thought this would be a lot easier because i would be makeing about 7 simple models, with easy unwraps, instead of on large complicated model with a very akward frustrating unwrap. so far it is a success.
however before i can work on the mesh i have to do a final texture, the one i have now is just to see where everything lands. then i can remove doubles and work on the mesh. but right now i have 7 seperate split models (wich explains the seperation lines, and some ackward muscel plascement)
so i will work on the head texture it join it, then do a final texture, then rework the mesh once it is all one single mesh again.
Thanks for looking.

VERY good modeling!

I think the chest is a little bit big…but it’s good!

woah have you seen one?dhanielc? lol nice.

Wu your models are very quickly excelling, always entertaining. The muscle definition of this latest one is great. Keep it up!


Your texture skills improve with each one too. Great stuff.


Really well done so far. Only crits I have are the ab muscles seem a little small in comparison to the rest of his body and also for his size it doesnt seem he should have his rib cage bulging out like that, but that is just me. Oh, and nice texturing. :smiley:

:smiley: thanks for the posts

dhanielc- thanks for the nice post, i was going for a over proportion character so i dont know if that will change

Grimreaper- i have seen one, i’m just modeling what i look like in the morning, minus the red skin, ok and minus the muscels, and claws, ok you get the point.

Robertt- thanks a lot, once again i was stuck and didnt want to finish, and saw your latest work and thought if Robertt is putting in the time then I’m going to put in the time, thats were the “motivater of art” post came from in my last comment to you!

BgDM- thanks for the nice post, this is just the first set of textures, i will be doing another final one, but i still keep you advice in mind (not to dark on the outline :wink: )

Tuggles- thanks for the post, good points, and i actually thought the same thing after i looked at the post a few times. i think i will keep the ribs as they are (always wanted to add ribs), but i will strech the abs down and apart, thanks

:smiley: thanks for all the posts :smiley:
not much time to work but i hope to have the head started this weekend, my next post will be the completed head, with the horns, teeth, and ears textured (again i’m trying to seperate into small parts that will be easy to model and texture seperatly). thanks for looking

cool! almost missed it! hey since he has no head, you could make interchangeable heads.

Hey, looks wicked, Wu! When I first saw it I imagined eyes on his pecs LOL!

Can’t wait for updates!


Looks cool. Your textures looks pretty god :smiley:
Your progressing fast.

thanks for the new posts :smiley:

Modron- thanks for the nice post, i have so much trouble with one head i would go crazy with many, good idea though, i’m getting quite a collection going, :smiley:

block01cube- thanks for the nice posts as always, i see what you mean by the eyes things, never thougth of that :o

mr_bomb- hey thanks for the very nice post, i use blender almost every other day now, getting a handle on the mesh was a real break through for me, and the uv editor still amazes me, so as long as i can crank it out i will hopefully keep progressing

so not as much time to work on things as i hoped, but i got a good start on the head for the devil beast on the right, lots more to go there, and i’m going to make things even more difficult for myself by trying to make a whole scene. it will be about 4 or 5 little dwarf men with axes and swords attempting to fight this huge beast deep in the woods. i will try :o

holy crap its my brother!!! cool work i see u got the pic of my bro very well. :smiley: . nive.