Hi, I made this last night in sculpt mode mostly, just one or two minor details in edit mode. A few small problems that I think I should fix, but I’m not sure. They were the enlarged cheeks right next to the lips, the high specularity & lamp placement, and the lips. Can you let me know if I should fix these problems or if I’m just seeing them because I made the thing? Also, let me know about anything else you guys think might be wrong. I made it trying to make some evil creature using the sculpting tutorial in The Essential Blender, but I think that this turned out pretty different, but not bad.
Here’s a few shots from different angles.

I plan on adding textures soon. I’ll also post the .blend.

If there’s any thing else you want to know, you can post it here or if I don’t respond very fast, just e-mail me at [email protected]

I’m not an expert in blender just yet, but that is one very good demon. You also didn’t use any references? What are you aiming for demon-wise? There are hundreds of different depictions of demons. Or is a something else other than a demon? Sorta reminds me of a faun’s head.
EDIT: I just did a double take of the title of the thread and it answer some of my questions. Though I’ve haven’t seen a goblin with a full head of hair before. I’m downloading the blend file now.

My computer doesn’t like your blend file in edit mode. I can’t see anything wrong with topology(sp?) but I could be wrong. Keep up the work though it’s coming along great so far. :D.