devil head

just something no textures yet (iwould only screw it up) does someone know a good face unwrap tutorial or something i could need


Looks ok but somehow “not defined”, I mean- it’s lacking some detail that would make it alive. No wrinkles, all those facial lines around eyes and mouth.

Yeah, some great modeling, but this is screaming for the sculpt tool.
this website might help you out a little. and so you know, the devil head needs some work. no offense, but it is too, well, polite human looking. try to make it look a little meaner if possible. i hope the web site helps you out a good amount. for it’s the best i can do for you. (unless i write a tutorial on step bye step, which i can, but don’t really have time to. with school and such.)

Thanks for the tips so far.
i think i could bring in some detail with normal maps an textures
i also made a body for it
i aloso would like to animat it but i guess i have to many vertices for that (i don’t know how to discribe it but you could say that i get crack’s on the turning points lik th elbows and shoulders an knees) i still havent found a good tutorial to solve that