Devil Ray modeling/topology problems

Hi, i’ve modeled a devil ray with sculptris and then imported to blender. I’ve almost finished the retopology work but the retopo mesh have some light issues on the wings and other part of the mesh. it’ probably a topology problem, so i can fix this problem? this is the blend file (1.77 MB).

However there is a strange graphic issues: if i select a vertex of the retopo mesh the Aixs Cursor is positioned away and it’s not centered on the vertex, and this appent also to the Loop Cut guide line. I think It’s a blender BUG

This is Shinkwrap modifier working. Apply it or so.

instead for the lighting issue?

After a bit of mesh cleaning - there are no lighting issues; any bad looking things - mesh needs to be corrected. this is zipped! Rename, unzip before use.

Looks really cool! Thanks a lot for the help!!!