Devilish (?) dude [UPDATE 27Jan03]


Ok, I finally decided that I should try something organic [ Yup, if you haven’t noticed I never went upper than fishes in the evolutionary scale :stuck_out_tongue: ]

This is a devilish dude. (Yes, holes will be filled with horns.

Still lacking lips, those are due next time.

Yes, I might also mirror that half head…



I really like the eye!!!

Soon he’ll look like this: :< :< :< [!]

But the skin on the ear… at the edge it looks really weird.

Keep it up [!] 8)

I second that

Eye looks awesome, but ears seems little weird to me, maybe little more lights so it cam be seen more clearly.

Keep us posted

excellent work around the eyes! nose looks a little beak-like.

Oooh, that’s a good start on organic modelling.
(Actually I started in that end and then went over to more mechanical looking stuff)
Maybe make the chin jut out a little more and the horns could be a little more forward on the head I think (won’t know until there are actually horns) and maybe make them come out more naturally from the head, maybe make it so they can be followed as ridges before they actually break through the skin.
I agree that the eye is great and the ear looks a bit strange.

Keep it up
8) pofo

looking good… :smiley:

will it be full character ?
great eye/eyelids geometry !

the ear seems really nice as well… [!]

looks a bit like ganondorf from Zelda

Very nice start.

I have to agree about the ear. Looks odd to me.

Keep on going. Looking great.


Thanx for support, you deserve an update :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like most are not convinced with ears… well, I edited them a little little, but I was more concentrated on mouth & horns today.

I wil take more considerations on suggestios before going to the neck and mirroring him.

Thanx for nice words on eye too :slight_smile: And, yes, I plan to finish him down to the feet/hooves/tail/tentacles/whatever (haven’t decided yet)

First update is here



NICE! The horn looks fantastic.

Keep these updates coming.


hmm… the bumps on the horn remind me of coral, or something (but not very demonic :< , if you know what i’m saying), I like a smoother marble-y look to horns, but that is probably just a material thing since the bumps don’t look like a part of the mesh… hmm oh wait they ARE a part of the mesh. Wow! well, great attention to detail!!!
I personnaly like the ears, but I think tha the nose is too big, still.
to finish it, go with goat legs, and human torso/arms! the classics are always great! :slight_smile:

Update #3

Thanx… I’m pretty satisfied with horns and mouth…

now, some chest.

I’m not that satisfied with colarbone, but I cannot really say before having modeled the shoulder :slight_smile:



Nice update!

A couple of things:

  1. The collar bone does look odd, as you have said. It may look better once you integrate it into the shoulder.

  2. The nipple looks like it is put there. Should blend into the chest more. Make it less stuck on, if you know what I mean.


Yet another Update…

Shoulder and Arm

Hand with (long) nails

Still less than 10k vertices… mmm… lacking abdomen, a leg… a mirroring…



That hand… [shudders]… it’s pretty darn scary.
I think the problem with the collarbone (and with a couple of other details, but not so clearly) it that it is too defined, almost sharp. But if you keep to that style throughout I think it will just look cool. Keep it up.

  1. pofo

Ditto! /me almost crapped his pants! %|

Anyway, I also agree with pofo about the sharpness, now that he has mentioned it. It will fit properly if everything stays as it is. Will be more of an over-exagerated, carved stone feel.

Keep it up. This is looking great.


Update #5

WOHA! Almost (half) complete!

Front view (with a hint of environment)

Back view

The back view shws a rip there for wings… of course :slight_smile:

Wings soon :wink:



:o :o
wow i’ve loosed this

great work

the hans need more work imho



WOW!! And again, WOW!! Stunning work.

Only crit I can even see is that the hooves seem to be a little small IMO. For the size of the leg and upper body, I think they should be a little larger.

I still love that hand. Gives me the creeps! :<


You really keep up the good work :smiley:
Only thing I see is that the tail looks a little “loose” like a stuffed animal with part of the stuffing gone.

  1. pofo