Devilish type head- my first semi-good organic model

(Skates) #1

well, it’s not great but it’s my best attempt at a face yet. I’m going to eventually make some pointy imp-like ears and render this one in lightflow. The ears ought to be a tough one though…that’ll be fun. So what do you all think? Any and all comments appreciated!

(shibbydude) #2

I think that you will find texturing to be the hardest part of this thing. You may want to consider separating the head into different sections like eyes and cornea. A good tutorial on eyes is at Please visit this site to get your eyes lookin’ good. Peace and great job on your modeling!

(DreamMaster) #3

Your first attempt at creating a face??? Now I feel like a lousy blenderhead! :slight_smile:

Keep up your great work! I have to agree that the texturing would be the hardest part. :slight_smile:

(Skates) #4

I updated the face, with an ear now, and you can see just the ear by itself at
also, this isn’t my first time making a face, it’s probably 3rd, maybe 4th time I’ve set out to make a face. First time in a while though. I dunno if I’m going to texture it, I think I’ll just lay down some gradients and use those to controll procedural textures in lightflow. Check the original pic again to see the whole thing put together. It was easier to make the ear than I thought, just took some looking and thinking…then again it’s not so great. Still want to hear comments! everyone and anyone, let me know what you think.

(Free Mars) #5

The face looks great.

The ears are too high up on the head if they are supposed to be placed in the normal position.