Devil's portrait

(graphinc) #1

Created with amapi & blender

Hope you like it

CeD -

(Poju) #2

Bloody hell that is good!!

Reminds little too much of pharao, but other than that, textures and overall, EXELENT WORK

(Guitarius) #3

That was good! Blender rocks!

(pofo) #4

Yay! The sphinx got his (her?) nose back!
Didn’t know it originally had horns though

Good job, bit strange around the eyes

  1. pofo

(solmax) #5

well well, nice work, but this guy looks too friendly :wink:

(S68) #6

Really good render :slight_smile:

Liked it!

(valarking) #7

looks great! though he is definatly smiling way way too much for the devil.

(SKPjason) #8

Very good artwork… wonderful texture job…

I like the smile… reminds me of some of the scheming smiles Ramses had in Prince of Egypt… kinda like a smug defiant, with a touch of I’m-too-badass-to-even-be-worried-about-you smile…

The background is wonderfdully done, a nice contrast to the face, and your lighting rocks.

Wonderful work

Jason :wink: