DFEKT CENTRE (My First Website)

(Riskbreaker) #1

revision2 of my first website on the net.
A couple of sites are still in development, but do have a look if you like.
I know its missing a few elements in it (back link, home link, etc) but its pretty straight forward.
All artwork done in, surprise, blender 8) .



(valarking) #2

the site artwork is quite nice, and it’s a nice challenge to navigate, but it looks like it has a lot of work put into it. i do wish the way to get going from the first page was a little more straitforward (i.e. a small yellow line around selectable portions.) overall, great job! what’d ya use to make it?

(Riskbreaker) #3

For the site, i used dreamweaver…which is why its lacking some elements…not that dreamweaver is crap, its just that i dont know how to fully use it :smiley: