DGE Stained Glass Material v 1.0

This is a simple little node material that maybe someone might find a use for. The old materials had a simple Voronoi noise texture that had a decent stained glass without much work. In Cycles & EEVEE nodes, the noise textures works slightly differently, however.
Anyway, I’ve wanted to recreate it for a long-term project of mine… and today, I actually managed to get something very close. Once I figured how to get the lead grout design, then I had to figure out how to get the colours to line up. Then had to figure out which mixing mode worked best.
There are 3 variations, depending on your desired look. Works fairly well in both Cycles and EEVEE.

  1. Basic texture. “Unlit” Just a regular surface texture and it requires a light on the object texture to be visible.
  2. Emission texture. “Light” The basic texture - plus the colour is copied into the Principled BSDF’s Emission input. This results in the texture being “self-lit” - no light is required. Basically, the colours light up.
  3. Emission texture. “Heavy” The Emission texture plus a ColorRamp node to increase the contrast - the dark grouting and the colours are more intense.

One limitation. I’ve wanted to have coloured volumetric lighting, shining “through” the glass. Alas, Blender still doesn’t do that easily.

Uploaded to a blend of this to BlendSwap, just in case.

Update: URL Deleted
Apparently it was too basic for blendswap. I’m kind of surprised, given some of the other uploads but whatever. If anyone actually requests it, I’ll post it here.

I’m still working on getting volumetrics to work properly. I did figure out how to make the light shine through, on Cycles at least. I’ll see how far I can push it before posting the update to the material though.

So that is what I was afraid of, I can not seam to get it to work very well if you see my post - Evee KNows HOW to do this because I have a world texture with a moon in it and the moonlight does shine through my mica texture. I may just do I shot of the mica with the moon shinign through it and then place that as my texture. It is baffling to me that the world texture will shine through my shade but my light really will not.

It looks like I will need to render with cycles as I can not figure a way to make it work in evee.

I’d use 2D voronoi over 3D in this case, it just looks better. I don’t use Eevee, but you can always bake out the lighting information in Cycles and add it as emission in Eevee - I guess.

Great idea putting the scale values into a common number node! They do have to be kept at the same scale. I’m going to modify my shader like that. I don’t have much node experience, as you may have been able to tell.

I decide to try it to see if there’s any difference using the Translucent node instead of the Principled Node… and woah. That’s much more light energy efficient! I.e. I can use a much lower lamp brightness to get a good colour shadow… if the object is a single colour.

The colours from the coloured panes do seem to cast coloured shadows in Cycles. But they spread very wide, so small panes just result in an averaged white-ish colour instead of the separately coloured beam and light pool I was hoping for. :frowning:

I was able to get coloured shadows with Cycles too, and a faintly visible beam using an absorption world node, but the noise was so high it was only marginally unusable for what I wanted. The visible beam in EEVEE was great, but no colour because no transparent shadows. Sigh.