DHTML Lemmings / Javascript Mario / Zork / H2G2

yo, I found these 2 wik links

DHTML Lemmings

Javascript Mario

enjoy :wink:

The mario one is pretty incredible… I now find myself wanting to buy Super Mario All-Stars.

Wow, that mario game looks pretty damn impressive! Definitely took a lot of work to accomplish that. Way to go, whoever made it!

But the Lemmings game is simply fantastic. Original graphics (!), and a great interface. Wow!

I love Lemmings. That game really takes me back. That and The Incredible Machine for DOS. Anyone remember that?

TIM rocked!
The newer windows ones don’t do the originals justice… they’re too graphic-ey… they’re still fun though.


whoa just stumbled upon this today,

sorry about the bump, but I didn’t think a new thread was necessary

It would be interesting to see someone do H2G2 this was as well.

you ask, you get:


just put in the serial number from the illustration

Or if you’re feeling more fancy:


For your classic “hands-on” games.