Dia de viagem

Hi, I’m Brazilian
This is my last work in Blender.
Dia de viagem - Day of Trip
Programs used:
Bender 2.5
The Gimp


Although I had finished, I accept the criticism.

Nice Work. Keep it Up.

I have putup your image for you for every one to appreciate.


Thanks kkrawal.
I could not add the image.

Any other comment?

Too much green. Other than that, I like the image. Hope there’s no oncoming traffic, otherwise the driver’s in trouble. Keep up the good work.

  • Floyd

Nice cartoony scene. I like specially the tree. By the static scene, I cannot find out whether the car is going or coming. Thanks for sharing.

nice rocks…

Lovely little image, makes me want to see what is beyond the horizon!

A very happy scene. It would look right at home in a children’s book.