Diagnosing what help is needed with a project and its cost

Hi, I’m a newbie so my apologies I’m posting this in the wrong arena. I have a project I’m in the process of developing but I’m already splitting my time very thinly teaching myself all sorts of software applications while holding down a very modest paying FT job unrelated to this project. It’s very unlikely I’ll have the time it would take for me to learn the Blender skills necessary for my project. I’m not sure how I could initiate a conversation with anyone who might be interested in volunteering to help me or for me to learn how how much it would cost to pay an accomplished Blender artist to help? Thank you for understanding.

if you describe in more detail what the project is about and what you need to have done I’m pretty sure you will get some help and opinions on what it could cost or how to get help with it.


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I’d like an animation displaying a sewing needle sewing in the name of the project in a fanciful way. It’s for a free library program to teach others how to sew. It would serve as the intro and maybe a tag as I’ll video record and edit the live video of those teaching and learning sewing. Thank you!

oh that sounds like a nice thing. I would help but I am more of a modeler, if you need models I could maybe help, if so let me know. I could maybe make a spool of thread and a needle. but it sounds like you mainly need a rigger and an animator?
One thing is this doesn’t sound like a really majorly big project so that is helpful in terms of getting help?

Hi Sandra, My apologies for my tardy reply. I don’t seem to get emailed notifications when someone posts here (I don’t have a spam filter) and it ;s nit in junk so I just log in when I can in… I taught myself the basics of DR to edit library short videos so I’m not versed in animation. Your ideas and help are so very much appreciated. I don’t know what a Blender “model” looks like but it sounds fun. I want o help people of all ages to learn t o sew so I just thought thread winding around the screen going through a needle would be a fun open/wrap to a short instructional video. I’m learning a plethora of software at my library along with program creation and development so I wish I had moire time to learn and develop Bender skills as it seems like a really remarkable program. Thank you!

Hi Sandra, I was just gently following up on this project if you might any time or still might have any interest in helping? Thank you!

Hi eager to learn,

I would love to help in what you are trying to achieve, encouraging others to be creative is the space that I want to be in. However I have limited experience with animating and the detail you require sounds challenging to me. But, I would like to have a little dabble and see if I can get anything close to what you require. I cant guarantee a timeline, but let me know if you like me to give it a try and I will get going asap.

All the best

Hi there, My apologies for my tardy reply but I never saw your reply to my post. Th only “animation” experience I had is making text animated in DaVinci Resolve Free. I’m very interested in your ideas - suggestions. Thank you!

Hi, I had a brief play with making a spool and thread but need lots of time to learn about the animation side of things. I am busy with a few other jobs at the moment but will keep you on the whiteboard to look into more when I get some free time. If you can find others to help in the meantime then go for that. I’ll keep checking back to see where you are at with things.

Catch up soon, All the best

Thank you so much for your play. Maybe Blender isn’t the best fit? I’ve not created animation (outside of animated titles in DR Free) so my expectations may have been unreasonable in retrospect. I still hear people say “you can just fix it in the mix” which no sound engineer nor video editor would ever embrace. If you do circle back to this, I’d be very interested and appreciate of your thoughts.