Diago (Devil + Iago)

I followed toontje’s sticky thread, and got serious with box modelling again. Once you can manipulate the topological flow of a model, many things become possible.

I started playing with this fellow, and he took on quite a life of his own. I don’t mind admitting it, but I’m way out of my own league here. Topology for faces is plentiful in comparison to that for the rest of the body, and I’d like some help in finding a way to complete this fellow. Of course, he’s going to be somewhat clothed, so we need not go too far, but i would like to get a better grasp of good muscle/skeletal flows.

As an aside, I start out really having fun with a modelling, but then I reach a point where the thing I created starts sucking any pleasure out of it. Does anyone else have this problem, and what’s the way to solve it, if you have solved it?


ooh, looking good to me! :slight_smile: will try to keep my eyes on this thread for sure! :wink:

DETERMINATION!!! it takes time, work, time, and some more time to make something or anything worth while… if i get agitated on something i ether move to something else, or leave it alone for a while… eventually something will come to me and i’ll have to get back into it. hope it helps =)