Dialog system

Hi guys,

I have another question regarding python, but now it might be a little more complex. It’s about, as the title says, a dialog system for the bge. If you talk to an npc you have choices what you want to say, then the npc says something, depending on your answer, then you have again some choices to make and so on. The best would be if in the python script already was defined which sound is being played.
With IMindMap, I’ve created the way the dialog willl go into, but now it’s time for coding. Sadly I am not a very experienced python programmer. I can make things move with python or the energy of lamps going down and whatever. Only the basics.

So I was wondering if somebody could help me with thi, or even write a basic template which I could use. That would be very nice.:yes:

Thx in adavnce

P.S Yes I have used the search function but all the other threads I found weren’t helping me a lot, or the blendfile wasn’t downloadble anymore.