Diamond necklace falls apart!

So I was goofing off and attempting to create a model of a gold band with diamonds embedded into it. I created the gold band from a torus which I edited to get the look I was after and then created a single diamond separately using an array modifier with a nurbs circle as a modifier to get diamonds all around the gold band. Then after adding materials to both the necklace band and diamond I applied the modifiers and joined the meshes.

So far so good… seems to have work as planned.

When I attempted to use physics to get the necklace to “fall” into position things started going south. I gave the body of the character in the scene a passive rigid body physics as well as collision. I set the necklace to active rigid body, turned on rigid body world and had Blender calculate the mass of the object. Baked everything and started the animation and the diamonds fell out of the necklace. What the?

Any ideas on how to keep that from happening?

Show us AT LEAST a picture of the problem, we cannot really help you if we don’t understand the problem. Post even the .blend file if you can :slight_smile:

The armature has an unseen feature of vertice groups names being the same as bone names causes their linkage and in such a preperation you may unclick the envelope and simply shade the weight of the independent vertice groups to partially affect them between bones links cause the vertices can be in any or all the vertice groups. this is the best way to rig anything. but remember if you use the game engine and select a collision for the armature as a player its one dimension(single line) will collide with itself and other collidable objects. :wink:

I snapped a screenshot of the problem but it didn’t really show anything other than the diamonds being scattered on the floor.