Diamond Ring *animation*

Heres a diamond ring falling. The physics aren’t great and the gold looks a little funny, but the I’m real happy with how the diamond + caustics turned out.:slight_smile:



Not working, dead link.

Edit: Link should be fixed now.

  1. can’t wait to see it, you seem excited about it.

Hey, this is really good. I have not seen this kind of reflection before with Blender. Please share how you did this.

it’s really cool… but i think the entire animation is to dark… and the the light reflecting on the diamond it’s a little bit exagerated… i think… and more important it misses sound… i think sound would give a nice toutch…

really nice sparkles! you mentioned caustics, does that mean this was rendered with yafray?

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I love this game… :slight_smile:

Ill try downloading later.

A screenshot from the animation would help ppl to judge if its worth downloading.

The video was rendered with yafray (blender can’t do caustics).You’re right about the sound, i haven’t learned to do that yet. However, the spots of light are intentionally that bright. I know its not realistic, but i thought it looked pretty. The video is kind of dark to give it more contrast.

  • added picture