Diamond Ring - UPDATED

I’m working on a replica of my wife’s ring. I plan to add the wedding band to the scene later. I’m not sure if the caustics are accurate since I believe a well-cut diamond is supposed to refract all the light back through the top, but I thought it looked interesting. I used Yafray with sky-dome lighting.

Any crits for improvement or comments are welcome.


hmm not bad not bad, if u could get a reference picture of the original ring, that will be better to crit, but right now it looks great :smiley: that refraction ( or gausstic can’t remember what its called :smiley: ) help the image to look great, but to gray, more color or somthing IMO… u know :smiley: not that is bad or somthing

as a metal designer i do not see any faults in your model but the area below the stone questions me a bit. somehow there the rings more narrow. i do not know if this is the way the ring is or you made it.

well without any ref image it is hard to tell you! the caustics look indeed a bit spreaded over the floor!


I don’t have a reference image to show you. I’m using an actual ring as the reference. I’m going to try to give the diamond more sparkle.

The ring is actually thinner at the top as shown. The real ring has a little more geometry but I’m not a good enough modeler to duplicate that yet.

Updates coming soon!
Thanks for the comments thus far.


As you can see I added the wedding band and brightened up the diamond. I’m trying to figure out how to add the rainbow effect inside the diamond. Any ideas?

I’m currently experimenting with HDRI lighting for this scene, but it’s coming out very grainy and too bright. I’m using skydome with best quality. I’ll post another image when I’m happy with the HDRI settings.

There is a discussion on how to fake chromatic aberration here:


Look there and a couple of pages beyond.

Thanks for the tips on chromatic abberation. This is my first time using HDRI and am very happy with the result. I am really at a loss for ways to improve at this point… so let the crits fly! (Please, not only crits but how to make the improvements.)


Not that I’m any expert, but the metals don’t look like metals. Perhaps you need a different or modified material on them.