Diamond test

Feel free to post your diamond shader setting,etc.

I’m blender beginner.
I post video for the first time.
Diamond in Blender Cycles.


Keypoint is double fresnel.
It sharpen reflection.




looks great. don’t diamonds also give off a kind of prismatic refraction, similar to a chromatic aberration? I could be wrong about that. could just be an issue with photography.

Following that iridescence thread with quite some interest, I actually made some diamonds as well (mainly because of those fancy colors that appear on the surface after a certain angle):


Those are way to colorful and far from perfect, but maybe you can do something with the material setup:


The Cross Product stuff is for the slight iridescence, the Wave Texture is for getting colorful caustics (got that trick from some thread here, can’t remember which one, sorry).

For those input values I use white (real white, not that blender default greyish) as the base color, the Color Range as 600 (this will influence the color of the iridescence as this approach is far from correct) and an IOR of 2.417.

Also, if your CPU is fast enough you could add some volume to the material (just a tint, as diamonds usually are pretty small).

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