I know this has been done a million times, but I just wanted to give it a try.

Btw, setting up the lightning for these is a pain.

Rendered for about 16½ hours with indigo

Can’t help it but it looks fake. The colors in the diamants are too saturated they just look slapped on and not like they are actually reflections from the incoming light that were scattered through out the diamant. Maybe you need to let it render some more to get rid of that effect or you need to setup the lightning differently.

I changed the diamond material a bit and changed the lightning and this is the result

Rendered for about 24h

that looks beautiful…

pretty awesome.

2nd one looks more real, but where are caustics?

in DIRE need of caustics…and a tad bit too bright, imho

Thanks for the comments guys.

If you look close enough you will see that there are caustics, but they are very weak.

I changed some of the material settings and started rendering again, I’ll probably post an update tomorrow night

i would render these ones with indigo. you can get with it much better results IMO …

it is indigo… :confused:

lookingveryashamed oh sorry… didn t look at the logo… then i don t understand why the caustics are so weak, perhaps the light is too strong overall… i think the light set up is the solution but i won t say anything after that faux pas …

a BIG BIG sorry again … :frowning:

Great improvement over the first render although I too think the caustics are too weak.
Maybe if you shared your lightsetup we can see why it isn’t quite working.

I’m doing a new render right now, and it seems like the caustics will turn out better this time. I removed one of the lights and changed the ground material.

I like them! I wish i could have these in real life…

new render again.

I think I’ll do one last, slightly darker render, and then finally call it finished once and for all. :smiley:

Your last render is really beautifull. I wish i could be better with Indigo…

Thank you, for the final render I decided to try out a blue, icecold look

Those are not diamonds.

I can tell cause of the caustics. I wish I could find the image with them, but diamond has a special type of caustics which is very uniform and straight. It’s almost like glass, but more light is lost.

Anyway, other than that it looks very good.

To get more caustics in indigo, make your emitter smaller and brighter relative to the other lights. To fix your brightness/sturation issues, I would suggest saving the igi and playing around with the tonemapping in violet. I would also recommend using a less saturated red for the backdrop.

The last render looks good and has come a long way. Nice work, and follow up.

The last one is pretty awesome. A little overexposed though, as you mention.
Maybe if you did another on a black surface…?:eyebrowlift2: A little cliché, maybe, but there’s a reason why :wink: