diana of versailles

this is the seventh, and last, sculpt of my personal figure challenge, i made to learn about pose and anatomy. and, as i am happy i made it, i like to share this last sculpt here in finished projects too, the other 6 are in my sketchbook, so, here is my version of diana of versailles, i hope you enjoy. please click image to see uncompressed version.

Impressive, I must say!! :smiley:
I love the overall strength that you managed to give to her!

Lovely work!!!

Exquisite. I’m going to have to spend some time going through your sketchbook. Your work is consistently awesome, Doris.

Awesome as always.

Superb, lots of nice work since the already good Dyntopo version you posted.

Excellent! The overall forms are great and the details + materials/lighting/presentation really bring it to life :slight_smile:

secrop, great to hear about strength, as i made her a little less volouptous than the original,thank you
frobenius.edge, thank you. i hope you enjoy my sketchbook.
minoribus, thank you :slight_smile:
sanctuary, yes a whole lot of more work i put into her, but i enjoyed, even thouhg i had to sculpt a good part twice. lol… thank you.
matt, thank you :slight_smile: glad to hear about mat and light, it is still always the hardest thing for me, often takes a whole day to get it like i want, though good versions appear quickly with cycles, the one i seek however needs a lot of tweaking…

My *5 of course.
Strong legs, you feel the weight. Dynamics.
A little work on the base? a few insets and a little beveling, nothing fancy.

thank you, michalis… oh yes the base is just the cube, lol, i lost patience… if i do a larger render, i make a little work there. thanks.

lol yeh that happens.

this dyntopo, or retopo work? whats the tri-count?

though girl! Amazing! Grats doris!

Great piece again Doris! 5 *****!

Awesome work doris as always ! You bring the girl more natural in pose… and great dyntopo!

lol, yes it does ng… this was first dyntopo, now its retopo and every thing is multires. 3.5 mill quads alltogether.
thanks again, bernardo :slight_smile:
thank you for the stars vicky :slight_smile:
3dslider, not sure i understand, but yes i tried to get the pose as natural as possible, following the original statue. and, this is now multires, since i wanted uv map for the texture, but yes started with dynatopo as always, that is right… thank you.

Wow. I want to be as good as you doris. How did you do the clothes? Seperate meshes?

elonius, thank you… the clothes are separate meshes, one for the blouse, one for the skirt and one for the belt… you can, just sculpt a lot, with every sculpt you will become better! it is persistence …

Wow - I just checked this out on my computer (last view was via phone), and it looks great full size! I know the goal is generally not ‘realism’ per se, but there is a real solid believability to this underlying the obvious artistic result. I know I could say to someone that I have a friend who carves sculptures (which is also true, hah) and show them this and they would not even consider for a second that this was not a physical object with 3 dimensions. It is a great skill to have to be able to achieve that level of believability when desired. In the right hands it can only broaden artistic horizons and allow us to take things into the realms of fantastic believability. Great inspiration for all of us here! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: … you mean me? … i do carve “real” sculptures from wood (and sometimes stone)… yes, you are right, realism per se is not the goal, but we need study it to be able to express properly… thank you matt… i still have to dare the laokoon…

Haha yes, I meant you :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen them on Riolama :slight_smile: Excellent work!..and I am yet to dare a real 3D sculpt in any material whatsover ;). I don’t have the space inside and I don’t suppose my neighbours below would appreciate me carving on my balcony lol.

Regarding the realism thing, to elaborate: When I look at art I always start in a mind set of appreciation by default, but I can quickly be swayed from that if something disassociates me from it…and suddenly I find myself subconciously making a mental list of criticisms. The value of believability IMO is not about realism in a photographic sense, but more that my mind doesn’t say “well, that looks odd!” and then drifts off into criticism mode haha.

For me, the relevance and meaning of believability is also quite context based, if it a particular style is used then whatever my internal criteria are can change significantly (e.g. I don’t look at a Cubist and feel alienated by the obviously non-reaslistic rendering of whatever that piece of art is about).

In your case, I did not even come close to getting into a critical mindset because the presentation engaged me without disassociating me from the art.

I’m sorry doris but I can no longer look at your work. It just isn’t seemly for a man my age to weep over his lack of abilities. :evilgrin: As always, really great stuff.