dice ball

hi everyone,
this is a personal creation after read the first article of gleb alexandrov on light,
but it’s not like a photography!
please give me your opinion!

The ball needs more geometry, e. g. by using a Subsurf modifier.
That should get rid of the kind of facetted outline and the sawtooth pattern of the shadows:

That pattern is known as the “terminator artefact” and is caused by low-poly geometry and sharp light sources.

In general the image is a bit overdone post-production-wise in my opinion. Expecially the glow is too strong - I feel a constant urge to rub my eyes in order to clear my sight…:wink:

Not sure if I understand the connection between dice (cubical or spherical) and a chess board…?

Can you linke the article please?

I also agree that postpro is a bit too much, I don’t mind the glow tooo much, but rather the dof; kills a lot of detail.

I think he refers to Gleb’s “Blog Book” on lighting…

hi and thanks for returns, i’m actually test new render with your feedback ,
for the article on light , the link is : http://www.creativeshrimp.com/light-texture-tutorial-1-lighting-book.html
i’ll post the new render when it’s finished :slight_smile:

this is the new render after listening your feedback!
hope you like! thanks for your opinion and tips ikarishinji & arcrudl