Dice Renders

Ok, i have done dice before, and posted them on this forum… I am currently in the process of making a pagani zonda, but am getting a tad bored atm, and fancy something a little different. So i opened up an old file(well couple of weeks old) and started to try and get myself aquainted with some of he material settings and world settings.
Got two images

  1. AO is on raytraced
  2. AO is on Approx with Pixel Cache turned on… this more than halved the render time, and it looks far better… ive also added suzzannne in the middle of one of the dice…just playing around with the internal refraction
    this is pretty much my first works. i am planning on making a full ‘craps’ scene out of this in time… so…
    Here they are…
    click for full screen viewing…


They need some bevel and bigger dots, but other than that really nice('specially Suzanne;))

Actually it looks like there is some bevel applied to it already. And I would like bigger dots but the small ones give a sort of dainty feeling I guess.

I think the second is better too. A little brighter, have you considered adding some more AAO, maybe up then energy a bit? Or maybe just a hemi. The refractions look very nice! Maybe you can try some soft shadows too, maybe even colored, that might look nice with this kind of model. Other than that, this is really a great image! Great materials man! Can’t wait to see the scene you have planned!

That’s quite cool - a different way of interpretating the tutorial on wiki I guess. Look forward to your next works!

tutorial on wiki? i did this all without any tutorials… which is why im really after comments from you guys…

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