[INDENT]I made this 1 a few weeks ago but i naver posted it so im doing so now

i was just kinda playing around and decided to make a die, i wasnt planing on keeping it but it didnt look so bad… so before i knew it i had this little set up

the spotlights and blue-red checkerboard pattern was to add to the casino/gambling effect.

im done with this project so im not gonna repost, but please still give me ur honest opinion. im still learning about blender so i dont really know the features so crits would still be appreciated


Maybe this could be moved to the “Blender Tests” forum? In your description it seemed like you were only playing arond, testing.

It looks like they are put like that cuz no one’s playing. :stuck_out_tongue: I think it would look better if you put them in ways that would express them being thrown, or something.