dices of unfortunate

(I am not belive in unfortunate numbers.)
Blender raytrace, handmaded Photoshop zblur.
Inspired by this pictures on Cgtalk:


Very good pic as usual.
How did you made the caustic like glare on the plane?

no caustic, the plane is reflects the dices
and in all dice there is a colored lamp (r and g and b)

Good pic, but I think there’s too much blur!

Wow, really good. The carpet is absolutely photorealsitic!

Beautyful picture. The green dice is a weebit to glowy. Me thinks. But overall great picture. :slight_smile:

oh man! I’m trying to model dice for two days now! How did you do the numbers on them? please tell me! I’m so helpless!

try searching… cmon dude, this thread is old to, dont dig up old topics

No luck with those dice. :wink:

Greatly done. They look like dice to me.

very very funny!

I know how to search, and if I had found something, I hadn’t asked here! I know how do make the dice, but i don’t have a clue how to do the numbers on it! I had no luck with texturing, and now I just want to know how endi did his!

It was very probably done by UV mapping.