Dicey Plots

I was working on a plot and it got to a point where it felt a little stale, I needed to inject something out of the ordinary… :eek:

What i’m wanting to do here is for each of you to post a list of six words.

This list then can be used in the following way. Oh, you’ll need a dice (there’s an online one here)

  • Pick a starting post. This can be somewhere you just choose to start, roll a dice to pick a number, roll two die and multiply them together for a number.
  • Roll a single dice to set the length of your list. If it’s 1, then that will be 3, if it’s 2 then that will be 4.
  • Roll a single dice to pick a word.
  • Roll a dice to decide how many posts to skip. Optionally you can roll a dice to determine whether to go forwards or backwards, e.g. even is forwards, odd is backwards.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until list is complete.

* If the word determined is too odd for your story, jump to the next post or repeat step 4.

Have fun! :eyebrowlift2:

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hmmm… theory of probabilities. seems interesting.
when i was small and wanted to draw something different or would be out of ideas what to draw. i just took my pen, closed my eyes and drew hundreds of dots on paper. then i opened my eyes and joined them randomly without any preconception on what i will end up with. and believe me sometimes it gives u so cool ideas u cant even think of.


Mmm, nowadays I use Alchemy for that method…