Did Crystal Space work for you??? Poll

There are still a few of us couldn’t get Crystal Space to work and apart from the ‘setting up enviroment variables’ reply… are we the outcasts of the Crystal world with no help or comfort… Not good when it looks like Crystal is the future…
So I thought I would use polls to narrow down the problem because I reckon its probably we have our computers set up in a certain, similar way.
So first question:

please , is there a way to download precompiled crystal space on windows

you should try this on the crystalspace forums.

They need to use something like VICE or MSI installer, so that the noobie dosent need to se their own variables.

To those who have done it manualy, REBOOT YOU SYSTEM, then try again…
it is part of the autoexec.

I might try to volunteer at one point, to make an installer, if nothing happens…

but anyways… try asking this on the CS forums.

after apricot , I will make a tutorial, and perhaps an installer.

Its got nothing to do with system variables… I remember other threads going on about this… I have a sneaking feeling it has to do with people who have a dual boot on windows or windows on a drive other than the C drive. But we should let the poll run its course…then I will ask the next question…

This Crystal Space thing does run on Mac and Linux doesn’t it? poor show from the Mac and Linux chaps…

To get good help on CS you need the CS mailing list or forum, since it is not the BGE. Also you generally want to have c++ experience if you’re going to compile it.
Here is a prebuilt download, I have not tested it. http://b2cs.delcorp.org/index.php/ArtistInstall

where it says cel and cs

New option. . .so confused by instructions that I didn’t even download it.

Wasn’t that hard to install.

Just can’t make heads or tails on the complete system… :rolleyes:Have yet to understand the complete overview of how CS works with Blender (Like what do you have to program/setup in CS and in Blender to have a complete working game). Lol, someone has to write complete documentation on the entire thing.

Jason Lin

I agree that it wasn’t that hard to install, it’s just either compiling it and setting System Variables, or Some other way with Blend2Crystal.

So, can you transfer a game made with BGE to crystalGE, cause as far as I know Blend2Crystal is a tool for blender to export only meshes and bones made with blender…or am I wrong?

As far as I can tell, Blender2Crystal basically has a special addon in blender that allows you to define/assign objects, variables and different parameters to objects within blender. This I think pretty much includes all things, like sky, land, actors, etc. The data then gets exported and is run by the CrystalSpace engine.

;)That’s what I can make of it so far, but one far more knowledgeable about Blender2Crystal than me can tell you more.

Jason lin

So, can you transfer a game made with BGE to crystalGE, cause as far as I know Blend2Crystal is a tool for blender to export only meshes and bones made with blender…or am I wrong?
goldentaiji Is correct it is an exporter for meshes, but also does whole levels and even some in game logic and physics settings. It is just a python script however and does not use logic bricks or other gameengine data. It may use those in the future thats up to the developers.

I bet the guys who did not get it working put the system variables under user rather than system.(yup there are 2 places to define variables, and you cant have both)
IT has nothing to do with dual booting, or what drive it is on.Or what day of the week it is, or what the moon cycle it is currently in. (WTF?!?!)

If you guys cant get it installed , you probably will get lost trying to use it too, so you might as well give it up now, and try something easy like Gamemaker.

for you newbies you should be trying the CEL start package, you dont need to compile CS to start making stuff.If you dont have a game to compile, then why the hell are you compiling it in the first place?(Duh?I wonder why it dosent work…HuuuuuDuh!)

well anyways, like I said before, if you cant get it set up, you might as well give up now, because if you cannot follow the simple instructions to get it to work, then you probably will get totally lost after the install too, and I really dont need to see you in the CS forums begging for people to spoon feed you information.Or a “Vote here, if you cannot find the ‘make a cool game for me’ button.” thread.

If I where you I would either try again, or just give up, and work with something that is more at my skill level. CS is a “Big boys” toy that requires some technical skills to use it. (after it is set up it is as easy as BGE, even easier for some things)

Here are some easy ones to try:
Blender game engine
Game maker
3D game studio
and Reality factory.
they have nice installers, but you will have to learn a bit about them before you will be able to use them.

you can get help for CS at irc.freenode.net at #crystalspace, but please try a few times to make it work your self… please dont waste their time.

I will have a CS tutorial made after the Apricot is released, I am also going to ask Jorrit if I can package everything into a nulsoft installer too. The CS developers are all in Linux if I am not mistaken.

Well I feel so intimidated by the big boys no wonder I muffed the installation… your theory about the System rather than User variables may well be the case… I was using User, but I have uninstalled it all now so will try it another day.

Looking at the Poll so far just under half the people trying to use it had a problem and I think that is worth feeding back to CS as I’m sure they don’t want people to have a problem… even little boys and winging cowards who are wetting themselves in fear of those big boys with the terribly technical ways.

From what I have gleaned maybe CS is not for me. I haven’t bothered to learn much python and do not want to program so maybe I should look else where.

BUT. abouth those big boys… I did start a thread a few weeks ago asking what people had done with CS and there was very little response… I think the big boys are just bluffing… long live the BGE!

I always tryied installing it but when I click export —> cs , it says I dont have
ImportError: No module named b2cs
I cheked and indeed I do not have the b2cs script… and even if I reinstall it it always misses the file… help?

I first compiled it myself, and I inserted all of the proper environmental variables. I installed all of the python plugins, and I placed the scripts from blender2crystal in the blender scripts folder, but blender reports a python scripting error. i’ve been trying to fix it for at least a week, and i finally gave up.

it didn’t orginally work for me, but i tried again
things that i changed the secound time were to set the variables under system and not user. try it an see if it worked

I used to use it a few years ago, gave it up for UE3 though:p Never had any issues with it on Windows.

i have it it work of me you must install every thing and you system variable crystal C:\Documents and Settings\armada\My Documents\pycelstart7.8\cel next set up some way as that one next runt it it wow ! cool it work but it black i see the fire in the room check you seting in crystal it sill don’t know i am going to make a video tutorial

i will make it now bye

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t8m9J6jh2I here you go i hope you like it