Did I make this hole correctly?

I think that inset is the easiest way to create holes when for example creating doors, windows,etc, however, what if I don’t have the lower part of the door or whatever and instead have something like this, that goes all the way to the “floor”? I did this by putting the bottom hole/door vertices/edges in the same location as the “floor” edges, the face that is created between doesn’t have any connection to the floor, just to the edges and vertices of the door, so…is this ok or is there a different way people do this?

It looks alright and remove doubles doesn’t remove anything, but still the edge and 2 vertices are located on the same location as the floor edge, so I am not sure if it is good or not, I know that vertices shouldn’t be on other vertices and that faces shouldn’t be on other vertices, but not sure about this.

It can work fine, but not the optimal way of doing it. It would be better to have the bottom vertices of the doorway to connect, rather than just having overlapping edges with the floor.

Most residential doors have a threshold, so you’ll need to consider that – mainly depends on what type of door you’re creating. If it were me, I’d get rid of any geometry you’re not going to see or don’t want to see.

@unyxium , something like this? Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think that this would probably create the 2 new edges I marked as n, also those n edges would create 2 triangles and I am trying to go for quad only models, but maybe I’m wrong.

@Safetyman, yep, but some rooms for example don’t have tresholds, my room for example just has the floor, also maybe you’ll use these type of holes when creating some sorts of windows, maybe on vehicles or whatever, so I’m just looking at the best way to do them.

Here’s a quick tip video, (no sound), on two ways of attacking it. I don’t have snap enabled by default so to snap the selected edge to the lower edge, I am holding down CTRL so I can select a point to snap to and constraining my movement by directly clicking on the Z axis arrow of the manipulator. (Alternatively simply press ‘g’ then ‘z’ to constrain to the Z axis).

Hm…, I made my object by extruding the floor upwards, so I haven’t really looked at it as a separate object, but still it helps.

Right oh, if I have time later, I’ll see if I can put something based on that up.EDIT: Uploading another video now, should be up in about 30 mins.

Video using extrude in one object: