Did it! Morph-UV-Mapped a mesh

(LAinLA) #1

Thanks theeth for the Apply_def.py “thangamagig” tool for getting out the mesh and only the mesh. Yeah the uvz came along for the ride with “success” on the Alt-P flip. Hey works in Blender 2.25.

This is what I’m talking about Y’allz- Da Morphin of the UVz folks and what- not in pure color-

As seen on tv and works in Blender.

Here is your link to the UVMorph Blendz, enjoyz! >


(Click the link at the top of the page to download the files. If you Like my uv sample work as it is, I can post it on the News Forum if this is news worthy so more folks can feed off of it)

I’m Silly like that.


(theeth) #2

I’m glad to know my script is useful for something. :slight_smile: